This Mom’s…Tired

There’s a familiar phenomenon that seems to take over my household every year around this time. It’s a month of chaos. It’s a month of exhaustion. It’s a month of trying to get my groove back (though WITHOUT Stella’s trip to Jamaica. Or Taye Diggs). It’s a month of mounds of paperwork (kill the planet much, school system?) and various appointments. It’s a month of figuring out the school bus driver’s timing and readjusting the evening schedule to include homework. It’s gymnastics lessons and school fundraisers.

It’s the time of year when even if I get 8 hours of sleep at night, I still find myself hitting a wall by mid-afternoon. Heavy eyelids, sluggish brain, desperate for a nap.

September is hard, y’all.

Once the girls ventured into school, I started catching up on appointments. I seem to schedule a slew of typical appointments for September – the typical yearly stuff (the girly check up, the please-don’t-let-me-have-skin-cancer mole check) and other assorted things. Today I had two appointments. For those two appointments, I spent nearly two hours total on the road. I spent about twenty minutes sitting in waiting rooms. Forty minutes in actual appointments. Two minutes taking random pictures in the mirror of me rocking my super fancy hospital gown (hello mole check at the dermatologist’s).

Here's me. Holding my gown closed. FANCY. P.S. Everything looked fine, no suspicious moles, no skin cancer. WHOOHOO!

And in the midst of all this extra stuff – the appointments and back to school night meetings at the school and schlepping The Princess to gymnastics class and random family gatherings – I still have to do the typical stuff. I have to work. I have projects I’ve got to get done and things I need to accomplish. I have to keep my house from looking like an episode of Hoarders. I have to get my exercise in (endorphins are nature’s relaxation device – for me anyway).  Oh, and feed my family. I have to do that too. I guess. (My cooking for them is not necessarily something anyone is enthused about).

Once October rolls around, things settle a bit. The madness eases up, the schedule calms down a bit, there is less handwriting on my calendar. And, well… I’m sorta glad.

Because right now?


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  1. HUGS!

  2. Our house has been mayhem recently too. It’s weird, isn’t it – going from season to season, and school term to school term, seems like shifting gears in some kind of weird machine…

    I often remark to people that our house runs on rails – that it HAS to run on rails, otherwise we would never get anything done lol

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