And They’re OFF!

With only a slight misting of my eyes, both girls boarded the big yellow school bus yesterday to venture off for their first days of school – one to kindergarten, one to third grade.

At the end of the day, I watched that bus pull up at the bus stop and my smiling children came back home, holding hands, faces wide with genuine smiles.

I think we can call the day a success.

I’ve never been one to mourn each stage they pass through – because we’re all kind of growing up together… though it did give me pause when I realized that Pumpkin was now a member of the CLASS OF 2023.


Be still my heart.


No matter. At the end of the day, after baths and homework, we tucked in the girls and they slept hard. They slept the sleep of the supremely exhausted.

They slept the sleep of school season.

And it was good.

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