Weekly Winners – Week ending 7.17.10

I guess it’s only fair I warn you:

I didn’t really do anything this week. I have been a hormonal cranky beast (PMS, how I love thee!), and swamped with work and appointments and trying to get from here to there and there to here while balancing and juggling and spinning plates on little sticks and trying to not drop anything.

I survived.

But not much quality time with my Canon (*sad face*). Be sure to pop on over to visit Lotus and the other Weekly Winner participants, though.

Mentos + diet soda = fun Sunday night for the family

My daughters picked these for me. I'm lucky.

Unexpected capture with the point and shoot while out and about

Had my first run-in with puppy vomit on Friday. He's okay now, though.

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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Mentos + diet soda = win

  3. The unexpected capture is just stunning!! I love it!!

  4. Such gorgeous color in that flower and such a sweet gesture!

  5. Dude! You wasted all that Dr. Pepper! lol The dew shot is tre fab!

  6. It’s a good thing that puppy is so stinkin’ cute, huh?

  7. I may have to get some Mentos. My teen is bored out of his mind, that should keep him busy for… five minutes. Great shot though! Too funny.

  8. i love mentos and soda! im jealous. and what a fabulous dew shot!

  9. There are ups and downs, as with everything! Hang in there and keep snapping!!

  10. Great pictures. I can’t believe people really do the coke thing…and it works. I’m so glad my kids are older! LOL

  11. Oh puppy is SO cute!! And I love the green shade on that awesome unexpected capture – gorgeous.

  12. Mentos + diet soda = fun for EVERYONE. Hilarious!!

    Your next two shots are gorgeous!!! And cute puppy!!

  13. The Mentos and Fizzy drink has been on my families To-Do list for some time now but seeing your photo it may just have to wait until the weather warms up. Great capture.

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