TIL Tuesday: My Favorite $8 Tee Shirt

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fashionable girl. Sure, occasionally I’ll drop money on some fancy-schmancy item of clothing, but I’m reasonably practical:

I work from home. Jeans and tees are OKAY.

Not only is casual okay, it’s comfortable. And sure, I could sit down to work in my jammies and bunny slippers with my hair up in a shower cap and no one would be the wiser, I need to start my day just like anyone going to an office would: feeling clean, fresh and (at least moderately) put together.

Enter the boyfriend style tee from Target.

I found this shirt in a desperate hunt to find something to supplement my wardrobe with these bazillion degree days we’ve been having. I wanted a light weight, comfortable tee that gave me a little pop of color to my outfit. I was at Target one day (I’m at Target a lot, really), and stumbled over this shirt. I bought it in orange.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

I now have it in sky blue, a lovely green, and a rich pink.

Looks super cute with jeans or when you’re slumming in yoga pants.

And it’s eight bucks.

Granted, this is not one of those “investment pieces” they talk about on “What Not To Wear” (and seriously, I’m surprised I haven’t been reported to Clinton and Stacy yet), but… who cares? If I don’t get more than six months wear out of this shirt, I won’t care much. The price was right.

No affiliate links. This product is something I found and paid for on my own, and the opinions expressed above are, as always, my own.

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