Happy 5th Birthday, Pumpkin!

Dear Pumpkin,

On the day you were born, I woke up at 2:30 in the morning knowing that it would be your birthday. Three and a half hours later, you were in my arms. And like the day you were born, you are still an early riser – often up before the sun (much to our dismay!) and raring to go, ready to start your day as soon as your feet hit the floor.

Today, you are five years old and I cannot believe it’s been five years since I first saw your face. You were born with a head full of dark hair – it was wild and sprouty. It has since lightened to a blondish-brown, almost a strawberry blond at times – funny how far from your brunette beginnings you went.

You are passionate about animals. You love all animals and you like to learn about them. Often, when we go to the library, you head right to the non-fiction books. You want books about pets. You recently checked out books about dogs, particularly labradoodles. You even picked up a book about lhasa apso dogs even though no one we know has one. You know quite a lot about dinosaurs, also. You know the difference between a T Rex and an Allosaurus (one has two fingers, one has three) and you can tell the difference between plant eaters and meat eaters. I think it’s pretty awesome the way you decide you like something and then you want to learn all sorts of things about it.

You are a very affectionate kid. You like to cuddle up with me. It’s not uncommon for you to come up to me, move things out of my lap and nestle in with me and say, “I want to sit with you.” If I’m sad or hurt, you’re quick to wrap your arms around my neck in a hug and kiss my face.

One of my most played tracks in my iTunes library is a 15 second clip of your laugh. I love your laugh – if I could bottle it up and sell it for other people to listen to all the time, there would be more happy people. When you are happy, your joy is apparent. You wear it on your face like sunshine. You’re easy to read, for sure. There are moments when you are so consumed with happiness – your smile spreads across your face and your eyes shine.

You idolize your big sister – you want to do everything she does, go where she goes, play with her friends when they come over. When the big girls let you play with them, you are so happy. I love the look on your face when you feel like you’re part of the “big girls” group. When they close the door and tell you you can’t play, you get your feelings hurt. Often, it makes you throw a tantrum. This isn’t fun. I know it makes you feel left out, but sometimes we have to let your big sister do her own thing with her own friends. Soon, you’ll start having friends over on your own.

You’ll be starting kindergarten soon and I’m so excited for you. This is a time of new beginnings for you. Like your big sister, you’ll be getting on that school bus in the morning and heading off to school where you will make new friends, learn so many new things, and have stories to tell me when you arrive back home each day of your adventures while you were at school. I’m excited for you – I’m excited to hear your stories.

You have changed so much in the past five years. I didn’t know five years ago that your favorite birthday gift would be the pack of gum from your aunt. I didn’t know that you would have the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen in my life (and they are – so beautiful). I didn’t know that you would have a laugh that brings rainbows and sunshine in my head and a smile that would light me up. I didn’t know that you would be so fiercely independent and yet so loving and sweet at the same time. Unfortunately, the only thing that hasn’t changed in the past five years is the fact that you still wake up way too early. Let’s work on that.

I love you with my whole heart. I’m so very lucky to be your mommy.


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  1. This is so beautiful. I hope you print it out and keep it for her when she is older. Congratulations to pumpkin on her 5th birthday 😛

  2. Pumpkin is one lucky little girl. I hoe she has a fabulous birthday!!! let me know when you figure out the secret to sleeping in. I have a few in my house that could use it!

  3. love this. happy birthday darling!

  4. This made me well up with tears. Beautiful post. It is has been such a blessing to grow up with you and then get to watch your girls grow up as well, I do wish that time wasn’t going so fast for us all though! Big hugs to Miss pumpkin on her 5th birthday!!! (and her momma too!)

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