Weekly Winners – Week ending 6.19.10

This week was a tough one – we started the week on Sunday a three hour drive back from one of those vacations that’s not really a vacation to find that my mother’s sister-in-law and her aunt both passed away on the same day in what can only be described as one cosmically messed up coincidence.  Meanwhile, in the midst of all this the kids and I kicked off our first week of summer — and we’re in the process of trying to find our groove. And, well, there’s been other assorted stuff going on that has made for a less than stellar week. We rounded out the week with Pumpkin’s fish dying this morning — so, I figure I’m kind of justified in not having taken any fabulous pictures.

Be sure to stop by Lotus’s place and check her out and see the other Weekly Winner peeps (all of which will have maybe had a little more somethin’ somethin’ to show you).

Crappy week? RETAIL THERAPY! My new High Key camera strap.

Welcome to the family, Belle. This was a gift from the friend whose wedding I shot in May. Pretty awesome gift. I had been drooling over Belle on the epiphanie bags website for a LONG time.

Canon 4EVA

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  1. Love your new camera accessories! And I agree – Cannon for-eva!

  2. sounds like a tough week. im impressed you still got such great shots. keep going 🙂

  3. Oh so jealous of the strap and bag!!

  4. That bag is SO cool!!!! LOVE the close up, though, of eye and curls. Awesome shot

  5. Love that bag!

  6. Belle is gorgeous, and your new camera strap is very sassy.

  7. Oh man that bag is so nice!! And, I like that picture of you (?)

  8. Golly I think I need to check out those bags, it seems everyone knows about them except me.

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