One Camera, One eskimO, and Two Nearly Dead Batteries

I love music.

I am, however, leery of music in the age of AutoTune and wizardy sound engineer gurus. In the studios and remixing stages, magic is worked to make a band or an artist sound amazing — and then you see them live and you realize the wool has been pulled over your eyes. Shucks, with the amount of available technology I could even make a hit record.

So, my yardstick to measure an artist’s talent has always been the live performance. If I love the disc, awesome — but if they can BRING IT in a live show? I’m sold.

One eskimO? They brought it.

I would show you pictures of how they they looked on stage, but I was limited to a point and shoot. Stern signs warned that SLRs would be taken away (and shoot, I only just got my Canon, and ain’t nobody taking my baby away from me!). Okay, fine fine. I’ll use my point and shoot.

But wait.

What’s this?

I forgot to change my camera’s batteries?


One eskimO has a very layered, mellow atmospheric sound. These guys were playing their own instruments – none of that pre-recorded track nonsense. Not only were they playing their instruments they were playing them phenomenally. The drummer? He was awesome – and played like nothin’ I’d ever seen. Here. I’ll show you.

Um. We could blame my camera and its low batteries and the low light setting — or you could just believe me when I say that he NEVER stopped moving. He had this percussion set up like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it was really hypnotizing to watch him do his thing (he brought it back out later when he headliner helped Michael Franti & Spearhead close their set).

The lead singer was kind of adorable – and his sound was consistent with the album, which made me happy. I loved seeing the guitarist with a guitar in one hand and a trumpet in the other – and being able to play both. A band that plays their own instruments – and plays them well? Bonus.

And while I’d originally found the CD to be fairly average, I find myself enjoying it more after having seen the band live. The album, One Eskimo, can be found on Amazon or iTunes. While I would have loved more interaction with the crowd, I think that’s something they’ll easily pick up with time. If they happen to swing by your neck of the woods, give them a listen.

I received complimentary tickets to this concert through my (unpaid) partnership with One 2 One Network.

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  1. This makes me look forward to seeing them this week even more!!

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