Weekly Winners, week ending may 1

Another week of Weekly Winners – of course, I know y’all are going over to visit the lovely LOTUS and her Weekly Winners as well as hopping around to the other participants. Right? Right.

Remember when I said I'm kind of addicted to greek yogurt and honey? Oh yeah.

Bubble season!

Awesome bubble wand cost a buck at Target. Whoohoo!

Fly away bubbles

Anniversary party for my grandparents...

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  1. I like that first one because it’s neat to watch the honey poor out and none of it is fuzzy.

    (I’m letting my 11yo son take over my blog for Weekly Winners to encourage his new love of photography. He’s also leaving comments. (Trying to teach him about karma love.:)) Thanks! Kellyology)

  2. Bubbles!!! That wand rawks… must go purchase 🙂 Beautiful pics as always.

  3. Lovely shots. 🙂

  4. Oh wow, how awesome is that wand?!?

  5. Great photos! Love the wand & the yogurt with honey!

  6. Bubbles!

  7. Love the fly away bubbles… it’s difficult to capture bubbles…

  8. Life is just better when there are bubbles. I’m just sayin’

  9. LOVELOVELOVE that bubble wand shot!!

  10. LOVE the shots of the bubbles!!

  11. Is it possible that you just made me crave yogurt? The bubbles shot is awesome!!!

  12. OH how i love honey! Nice shot. And the red bubble wand is a great one too!

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