Weekly Winners – Green Acres Edition

Oh, I LOVE Weekly Winners. All of my weekly winners were taken with my kit lens this week – oddly enough – but I was concerned that my 50 wouldn’t give me enough leeway for possible short distances between me and what I was shooting. And now I’m trying to pick what lens I need to get next.

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Baby goose - Pumpkin named this little guy PADDLES

This goose is Max. He's a rather attractive little goose, dontcha think?

So tired.

My daughters gathered these from the chicken coops. How cool is THAT?

Miscellaneous farm stuff.


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  1. The goslings are adorable!

    The farm shots are great, loved the eggs and the fence, oh… everything!

  2. So cute! Where were you?

  3. Also, I shoot with my kit lens all the time because I can’t convince my hubby to let me buy new lenses. Grrr.


  5. That last one is PHENOM!

  6. Cute! The goose is so adorable. You got great shots!

  7. PADDLES! Awww… I love that!

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