Writer’s Block – A series of haiku

I have writer’s block
The blinking cursor and blank screen
are driving me nuts.

I could write about
how difficult it can be
to shop for new shoes

I finally found
a new pair today – six stores
later, I have shoes!

Someone on Twitter
suggested that I should write
about puffins but…

I googled puffins
and I’m pretty sure that I
am puffin-clueless.

I could write about
how I am wearing short sleeves
No coat! The sun shines!

I could write about
my love of saltine crackers
but that’s nothing new.

I could write about
American Idol or
trashy tv shows…

But you expect that
from me anyway, don’t you?
That’s not new, either.

I could write about
how I’m looking to upgrade
my Canon and how

I really don’t know
what model would be best. (You
can answer that, please).

I could write about
haikus and how I’ve never
really written one.

That would explain it
if my count is messed up or
if I did it wrong.

But, still I’m blocky.
Maybe I should ask you to
pick my next topic.

About sarah

Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. the best writers block post EVAH

  2. Writer’s block? Me, too.
    Maybe I will try haiku.
    To clear the blockage.

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