Weekly Winners, Week Ending 03/06/10

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Kicked off the week with the John Mayer concert on Sunday. You know why I love this picture? Check the face of the girl on the screen behind him. It CRACKS ME UP.

Reflections. I got a little bored at my bake sale Wednesday and took a selfy via the window of the office building. (BONUS: I raised over $300 by selling cookies and sweets – I’m so jazzed to have raised so much moohlah for a good cause)

To the butterfly gardens yesterday. This lovely creature landed on my hand and stayed there enough for me to snap a few shots. Of course, I was in such direct sunlight that lighting conditions aren’t ideal, but there’s just no reasoning with a butterfly.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a blue morpho butterfly? No? Well, here’s the thing: THEY FLY REALLY FAST. And when they land, they shut their wings tight like this. Still pretty, but… I sat there for the longest time waiting for it to fly off, and then when it did… it was just too fast to capture. Like I said, there’s no reasoning with butterflies.

“Sarah? Did you just take a picture of the barrel cactus? I knew you would take a picture of that.”

I’m not sure what this is for, but it caught my eye.

She waited SO PATIENTLY and stood so still – and yet… she remained empty handed.

Aw yeah. National Oreo Day. That’s what I’m talking about. And of course, if you have a fresh pack of Oreos, you should totally make a tower. Or play Oreo Jenga.

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  1. Fun shots this week. I really like the reflection portrait, and the Oreo tower is making me crave some of that chocolatey goodness.

    • Thank you – the Oreo one is one of my favorites too… and after we made it we put most of them away and only ate a few. I think we could have done Oreo Day a little bigger! Last year, we celebrated with Oreo cheesecake.

  2. Your self portrait in the window is just GORGEOUS!!

  3. Love the self portrait!

  4. Love the butterfly pics! Reminded me I want to take Z to our local show at the Krohn Conservatory!

    • The biggest plus to the butterfly garden was that it was over 70 degrees in there – felt so nice to be warm!

  5. That self portrait is awesome!

  6. I have to say that I do still love me some John Mayer, even if he’s a total douche. He may just have to be my favorite douchehole now.

    And I adore the butterfly shot. Stuff like that is happy-making!

    The oreo tower is super awesome.

    • He might be a douche to the girls he hooks up with, but seeing as how that is not and never will be me (gotta face reality, I guess), I don’t much care. I love his music and he’s just entertaining as hell.

  7. LOVE the reflection shot. LOVE the person whose reflection i see!

  8. “There’s no reasoning with a butterfly.” Girl, you crack me up! Love those butterfly shots. Gorgeous! And an oreo tower? Nom, nom, nom!

  9. Those butterfly shots are beautiful and amazing! I like John Mayer’s music and that shot with the girl in the background is so funny. I just love that reflection shot. Super cool!

  10. Love the Oreo tower…yum!

  11. Love the oreo shot-the DoF and the yummy yummy goodness of the shot really speaks to me (okay, okay it speaks to my stomach, but whatev….LOL)

    love the self peep shot.

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