Weekly Winners: It was spring for about two minutes

I LOVE the Weekly Winners photo-blog-hopping-extravaganza. It really has become one of those things about my Sunday morning that I look forward to most – linking up to Lotus’s post and checking out all the amazing shots people have been taking all week.

So take a moment to visit the other participants – a lot of people doing amazing work with their cameras.

When you're driving and you have no barrette.... a binder clip is an acceptable alternative.


My shadow has really long legs. Like whoa.

Chillaxin' in the sun. Outside!

Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away....

And then?

Yesterday it snowed. GRRRRR.

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  1. GORGEOUS Last photo.
    Um, of course your shadow has long legs.. have you seen yourself?

    LOVE the chalk 😉

  2. Your legs are really long anyway!! Love that shot of the jeans and the green sweater!!

  3. Ahhh… Spring! Short sleeves and sunshine. Love the chalk painting shot, wonderful colors. The last photo is beautiful. Such a serene and peaceful scene.

  4. The last photo is gorgeous. I’m hoping Spring is here to stay for us!

  5. There is nothing better then big chalk!!

    • The chalk is shaped like easter eggs. I don’t know how they manage to hold them comfortably but hey – 99 cents!

  6. The first time with short sleeves is wondeful isnt it! The binder clip thing is too funny!

  7. Yay for Spring! Boo for snow!

    Love the long-legged shadow shot. 🙂

  8. Cool shadow shot. =)

  9. that shadow shot is soooo cool!

  10. Oh that last photo! Beautiful!

    Also… I’ve been known to use clothes pins to clip my hair back. LOL!

  11. Nice Zoey blanket. 🙂 Love the binder clip – gave me a chuckle there!

    It’s been gorgeous outside here too. Glad to see the kids getting outside to play after being cooped up all winter long! We have a little more snow to melt off before the sidewalk chalk and short sleeves, but we’re getting there!

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