Color Palettes

Spring Is….

SarahTwo_238of365A green lawn emerging from a nice long nap, thirsty for the clear rains of spring and the touch of the sun.
The flash of skin as jackets are shed and short sleeves are pulled from the recesses of closets
The air is filled with the sound of children streaming into their yards to play after a long winter cooped in their warm houses – smiling faces and active bodies darting across soft yards, still damp from winter’s thaw
Shades of emerald, lime, and kelly vibrant on St Patricks Day, kids pleading to not get pinched.
Umbrellas abound, geometric patterns and sherbet shades, protecting against the spring rains
Lawns dotted with crimson zinnias and fragrant magenta peonies
Trees standing proud as once again, their branches fill with lush leaves
Buttery dandelions springing up willy-nilly wherever they can

Summer Is…
A sky dotted with many hot air balloons on an early morning, with colors plenty
The drip of red popsicles on our fingers as they melt in the heat of the sun
The cerulean reflection at the bottom of the pool
Cheap flip flops in a myriad of colors – reds, greens, purples, plaids – a pair for each day. And then some.
Bright pink toenails out of hiding from the chill of winter and spring
A turquoise sky unmarred by clouds – OR –
a sky punctuated with the white marshmallow fluff of clouds
The flare of the sun that makes one squint and perch tortoiseshell sunglasses up on one’s nose
The red, blue, white burst of fireworks in a clear evening sky – sparkling and inviting all to stare in wonder
Glowing lights of a carnival, the air heavy with the smell of corndogs and elephant ears

Fall Is…
Rich sunsets on brisk nights – the sky streaked with pink, purple and orange – the trees a silhouette against the evening sky
New pink and purple backpacks for the first day of school
Bright school buses filling the streets, moving slowly and stopping with the hiss of breaks and the whoosh as the doors open
A sea of fans decked out in maize and blue huddled together in the Big House on Football Saturday – faces pink from the wind and from the excitement of a game
Front porches adorned by orange jack-o-lanterns with the pale flicker of a candle inside
Leaves becoming dry – colors changing from green to oranges, reds and brownsThe reappearance of long sleeves, sweaters, and scarves in rich jewel tones
Orange, red and brown construction paper turkeys shaped with your child’s hand hung by a magnet on your refrigerator
The golden crust of a homemade chicken pot pie, fresh from the oven – the first in the season of comfort food
Shimmery wrapping paper and bows on birthday gifts


A grey sky, adamantly hiding the sun behind layers of heavy clouds
The sheen of icicles hanging precariously on a roofline
Fields of white as snow covers every surface
Rivers dark and unforgiving without the sun
Trees tall and bare without the cover of their leaves
Forgotten faux evergreen garlands draped around front porches
Hands gloved in burgandy wool, gripping ceramic coffee mugs and hoping for warmth
Damp chestnut dirt hills peeking through where the snow doesn’t cover
Cars coated with the chalky white of road salt
Brief appearance of the sun’s face, taunting with the promise of spring

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. This is truly amazing. All I can say is wow!

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