Weekly Winners


Lotus from I Am Lotus has an awesome weekly bloggedy-dealy-bob where you post some of your favorite photos of the week. I’m jumping in this week.

Driving home from the airport. Is this thing a sundog?


Blissdom swag. I love this Lisa Leonard necklace.

038What better job for me at The Princess’s class Valentine’s Party than manning the cookie decorating table?

SarahTwo_166of365_021310We’re all just sunflowers looking for a little light.

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  1. I love them!!!! Great Weekly Winners!

  2. Love the wanna be sunflower shot. Great photos!

  3. The first shot is amazing. A great capture.

  4. I always love your pictures! I’ve been wearing my Lisa Leonard necklace a lot, too. So pretty, such good memories!

    And I love the sun shot and the sunflowers. Boosts my vitamin D levels just looking at them!

    <3 <3 <3 <3

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