Weekly Winners, Week Ending 2/27/10

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This is a Snickers cupcake. Yes, it’s pretty much as good as it looks. Maybe even better.


Laundry day, FTW! Not my favorite thing to do, but necessary evil unless you want to be stinky.

Snow ball fights are snowy.


Snow ball fights are also supposed to end when one of the participants is no longer outside.


She looks cute in rented shoes, but she bowls about as well as I do (*cough* Not well *cough*)011

I didn’t feel good. Also, YES, not all Saltines are created equal.


Fridays are donut day for my kids. I don’t even really like donuts, but this one is tempting.

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  1. Great shots! Snickers cupcake – YUMMO! Recipe?

    • This is a Food Network recipe that was in the latest issue of their magazine and is also on their website.


      Some Sarah tips — The recipes for the nougat and the frosting? CUT THEM IN HALF. It’s just too much. Even if you like LOTS of frosting… it’s too freaking much.

      And while the commenters on the Food Network site say that the cupcake is a little dry, or not sweet enough, I think it’s sweet enough for sure (esp with ALL THAT FROSTING) – I’d love to find a way to add a little more moisture to the cupcake though… wondering if applesauce could be worked in. Or pudding….

  2. omgosh that cupcake is awesome! and the photo is nice too 😉

  3. I love and adore that necklace.
    sNOWBALLS?! We have 67 degrees and flowers.. WOW.

    Not all Salty Crackers ARE created equal.. Saltines are the ONLY ones to buy

    • Actually, I’m a big fan of salty crackers… Ritz, Wheat Thins… However, Premium Saltines are the best, followed by Zesta. Fat free saltines are gross, and low sodium saltines are not even on my radar.

  4. That cupcake looks delicious! Love the gloves too!

  5. Love the snowball on the window hehe!

  6. Haha, Braden liked to have a snowball fight with John while John was inside, too. 🙂

    Love that shot of the gloves.

  7. LOVE the snowball on the window shot! Great snaps.

  8. Wow that cupcakes looks awesome.

  9. hold the presses…you know how to make snickers cupcakes??? I think you need to air mail me some. by the time they get here, I’ll actually be able to eat it! 🙂

    • Bridget, the link to the recipe is in my comments somewhere. I’d send these to you, but I really don’t think they’d travel well. Because of the chocolate frosting, I think I’d recommend these be refrigerated if they’re not eaten immediately.

      But maybe I’ll send you cookies.

  10. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that necklace. Did you get that from Vintage Pearl? or Lisa Leonard? or The Bead Girl? LOL

    Fun, interesting set. Love your eye, hon.

  11. I love how the snowball kind of looks like a heart.

    Also love the necklace.

    The washer….neat shot!

  12. i love the splatted snow ball. impressed you made that scrumptious-looking cupcake.

  13. Snickers cupcakes? OMG YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY Sounds like a wonderful level of heaven.

    Also, the snowball fight shot? Simply brilliant.

  14. Those goodies look delish!

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