Weekly Winners, February 21, 2010


It’s time for this week’s Weekly Winners – and you should be sure to check out more over at I AM LOTUS. This is a week where I took plenty of underwhelming photos, but – it’s also a week where I chopped several inches of hair off, so we’ll start with…





My eye (I actually took this shot for a second 365 project I’m doing where I take a self portrait of some sort each day – which is already tedious and I’m only three weeks in. Will it last? Ahem. Probably not).


And finally. One picture that isn’t me or my wrinkly eyes… A light fixture from a restaurant where we had lunch the other day. The light was more interesting than the food.

Also, the blinds… Here’s hoping next week my pictures aren’t so self-absorbed.


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  1. I love, love, love, love, looooooooooooooooooove your hair!!


  2. very cool,and I love the new hair do!!

  3. Love the haircut, very pretty.

  4. Love your new hair! So pretty!!

  5. Love the haircut.

  6. Thanks, peeps. I *WAS* right, I have had a fit of hair remorse today when I wore it curly. Seems it’s gonna be a high maintenance ‘do for awhile, which is tough because I’m high maintenance about lots of stuff, but… not hair. So me and my straightening iron are gonna be good friends til it gets a smidge longer or someone teaches me an alternative to make the curls looser. (I am so bad at girl stuff!).

  7. hey adorableness…LOVE the hair!

  8. your hair looks great and I LOVE the color of your eye…okay eyes, I am totally assuming that you have matching eye color…LOL

  9. I love it!! Very nice. Classy. I’ve discovered myself over the past few weeks that flat ironing – is a lot of work.

    I loved “Still Alice”. How is the book club going?? I’m dying to hear how it really works – like do they have a list of thought provoking questions that they all sit around and discuss or what?

    • Flat ironing is a pain – my sister got me a heavy duty one (In her words “It heats to 450 degrees, but don’t do that – you’ll burn all your hair off.”). But it IS a pain.

      We have yet to have our first book club meeting – that’s next week. So far, we’ve been reading on our own. Still Alice is good and I loved it – finished reading yesterday – but I have no ideas what to suggest for a next book.

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