February – Where 28 Days Feels Like 100 Years

February makes me twitchy.

I enter January with a little bit of optimism, with a little bit of the whole “it’s a fresh new year” thing. I enter March with “spring is right around the corner” feeling.

Somehow, February always feels like it’s been snowing for seven months and it’ll be another fourteen years before I see the sun again. Exaggeration? Well, yeah, probably – but February means I’m tired of being cold, I’m tired of being in the house, I’m tired of gray skies, I’m tired of exercising on the treadmill versus outside (and I may be hardcore, but I am not hardcore enough that I will go out walking or running in the snow for exercise, thankyouverymuch).

February runs me down, makes me tired, makes me long for change.

February makes me walk into a hair salon with this picture, asking for this haircut.


Nearly four inches of hair shorter, my head feels lighter – but so does my mood. I’m still enjoying the smooth blow-out the stylist gave me last night – I anticipate once I let it go curly there may be some moments of frustration (but I also anticipate that I’ll be okay with that once I go shopping for some yummy smelling new product and perhaps a big curling iron for waves that are a bit more loose than my curls). I can’t rely on my standby ponytail-copout-hairdo that wasn’t doing me any favors, moodwise – because I can’t even scrape my hair into a ponytail – it’s THAT short.

So if in a few days (or hours), I start missing my ponytail and I tell you how much I miss my long hair, remind me of this lightness. Remind me that I feel okay looking in the mirror today. Remind me that there’s a light in my face I haven’t seen since probably September. And then tell me to shut up and quit complaining.

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  1. I love Kerri Russell. She is always one of my hair goddesses.

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that February is too cold, and neverending!

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