Thursday Ten: I’m So Glad Project Runway Is Back In New York Edition

1. My sense of time gets all off kilter when there’s a Monday holiday. The kids were off on Monday for MLK day and since then, I’ve had this warped What day is it today? feeling. But today is THURSDAY.

2. Speaking of Thursday – that also means it’s Project Runway Day. I was actually pretty pleased with last week’s episode. I think they NEEDED to move back to New York. I thought Ping’s garment was hideous and she struck me as someone who will probably annoy me with her eccentricities, but… Hooray for Project Runway! And for Tim Gunn! And for Parsons New School!

3. Today, in case you didn’t know, is National Granola Bar day. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I am not really a tremendous granola bar fan. I mean, they’re okay, but… Meh. But in honor of this momentous occasion I picked up a (non-sponsored plug) box of Special K Chocolatey-Pretzel Bars. They’re pretty good. It’s hard to screw up chocolate and pretzels. Together.

4. In guitar class today we focused again on the Key of E which involves the wickedly rotten F sharp minor suspended which my teacher had taught me before and which I had previously hated. Still hate it. She taught me a song that I’ve never heard before – with a beautiful guitar part. It’s fun – finger-picking rather than strumming, so it’s a little different, but… Okay.

5. I went to a local coffee chain for a light mocha today. It was gross. Very gross. Gross as in: I dumped most of it out because somethings should just not be lightened. I’m the type who orders coffee with nonfat milk and sugar free stuff. But mochas? They need to be just an all out indulgence because when you take the indulgence out? NOT GOOD.

6. I’ve finally used most of my iTunes gift card from Christmas. Lots of random and some new apps – including the 100 Pushups app. I used to be able to do 100 pushups. I stopped and now I can’t. So, here we go again. There’s also a 200 situp program. That’ll probably be next. Oy.

7. This year Necco Sweethearts conversation hearts have CHANGED THEIR FLAVOR. It’s bad. Instead of the traditional flavors, they are fruity. And they are GROSS. And I’m not happy. The convo hearts are my favorite part of Valentines Day. Sure, Brach’s stuck to their flavor scheme – but Brach’s were inferior to Necco originally and now I’m left with only subpar candy conversation heart options. This is what we call a first world problem.

8. Yesterday as I was tucking Pumpkin in for her nap, I backed into a toy dinosaur – from then, I tried to catch my balance so I wouldn’t fall on a bunch more plastic dinosaurs. In a scene straight out of some bad sitcom, I tried to catch my balance, then reached out to steady myself by grabbing her dresser and somehow yanked my shoulder out of whack and then? Fell on my butt on a sea of dinosaurs. Today my back is sore, but I still laugh when I think about it. After I fell, I said to Pumpkin, “Wow. That hurt.” Her response? “That’s why you shouldn’t do that.” Sigh.

9. I should have squished this one up there with Project Runway but yeah, I’m watching American Idol again. Really – this is my favorite part. I love the bad auditions. I know it’s horrible – but I do. Yes, that’s totally the kind of audition I would do – I’m a passable singer, but I suspect I’m probably – *gasp* – pitchy.

10. As I type, I’m listening to “Whatcha Want” by Beastie Boys. It is making me type faster. Hmmmm. Someone should do a study on this. What music makes you more productive?

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  1. ooooo, do share about your new music. My Itunes gift card is burning a hole in my pocket.

  2. I am so glad Project Runway is back in NYC. It just seemed off last season.

    Ping’s garment last week- WTF? and top three? REALLY? she just draped fabric over her model.

    The one who needs to go is Alexander….he grates on my nerves

  3. OK, I just caught up on PR last night via my DVR. I missed out on last season being sans cable. I was so excited to get to watch this time around. And I’m totally with you on the Ping thing. She makes me nuts! How she got a slot on the show to begin with is beyond me.

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