The Great Debate: Is There A RIGHT WAY to Hang Your TP?

It all started with a tweet. Really, that’s the way it goes these days, isn’t it? A friend tweeted about toilet paper, and I responded and then… and then… Well, you’ll see.

I think the toilet paper should roll under. Behind the back of the roll, next to the wall. Under. I’m not sure when I developed this preference, or why – I know that I think it does look better despite every hotel insisting on hanging the toilet paper over the top (And those goofy little triangle points – I’m not sure what that’s about).

Apparently, I’m in the minority in my belief because most of my Twitter friends have said it goes OVER. One friend went so far as to send me this link which contains actual diagrams which strive to prove their point. The commenters on that post even refer to things as arm distance – as in, claiming that if you hang your TP over versus under, your arm doesn’t have as far to go.


And did I mention there were diagrams?

I don’t get it. We have four bathrooms in our house – in one of those bathrooms the TP rolls under, in two it rolls over the top, and in the fourth (my stepson’s bathroom) the toilet paper is not even ON the roll and is instead perched on the side of the bathroom sink – a location which is logistically not fantastic for when you are in need of said toilet paper (talkin’ about your ARM DISTANCE? Um, here’s where it would apply. I’d prefer to think no further on that maneuvering that might be required to reach the toilet paper in that bathroom).

Which all goes to this point: while I clearly have a personal preference that the TP rolls down the back, I am not so obnoxious about my belief that I’ll turn the roll to go “MY WAY” if someone else puts it on the opposite direction. Actually, I’m usually just thrilled that someone has replaced the empty roll. Some people are not so…chill… about the direction of the toilet paper. A few months ago, somone told me that she will actually change the direction of the roll IN SOMEONE ELSE’S BATHROOM if it is not hanging in her preferred direction.

I mean, at least I don’t do that.

I’ve come to accept that I’m in the vast under-rolling minority. Is there anyone with me in this?

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  1. I usually put the tp on the same way with it under! Not sure why, just find that is the way I do it! Good post. =)

  2. Ha! I’m laughing at the person who will change the direction at someone else’s house. Because while I have NOT done that, I have been tempted. And I HAVE straightened other people’s pictures on the wall!

    By the way, it’s over.

  3. BBrooksdavis@My Time says

    I’m with you! Under is better. It tears better instead of doing the spinning round kick thing. Though I feel strongly about it being under, I’m just grateful to find TP in a restroom. Ecstatic to find it isn’t the John Wayne kind but I won’t be changing it in someone else’s home to suit me.

  4. ROFL @ that link!! Hilarious.

    So are you saying there’s something wrong with having the TP roll perched on the edge of the sink? LOL. Guilty I admit. Half the time. IF it’s on the roll, it rolls OVER at my house, never under.

    We have one bathroom. The TP spool is on my left behind me. I can reach it. But Isaiah has a problem reaching it when it feels like it’s behind him. The d*mn spool should be BESIDE the toilet, not BEHIND. Stupid set-up. Therefore it sits on the sink half the time. 🙂

  5. heehee….I am totally the person that changes it in other peoples houses. It is just one of those huge pet peeves that makes me twitch when I see it. My experience is that under generally causes me to pull more TP then is actually needed while over lets me take as much as I had originally planned on.

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