Where Would I Bean Without My Friends?


Last week turned into one of those weeks where I wondered briefly why life was handing me lemons and wishing my aim was better so I could start chucking those lemons back at life. My stepson’s been having a really hard time and we’ve felt particularly powerless to do much to help. It was that frustration that gave me the kick in the pants to hop in the car Saturday morning and drive to Chicago to spend the day with one of my favorite people (see her rockin’ that fabulous hat, above).

We met at the Whatchu-Talkin’-‘Bout-Willis Tower – I had every intent on kicking my fear in the teeth and venturing out on that horrid Sky Deck. UNFORTUNATELY, visibility was zero that day and what would have been the point in facing my fear and being able to see… nothing? Yes, I’m heart broken.


The day was filled with laughs, coffee, and ooey-gooey stuffed Chicago pizza at Giordano’s. The day was filled with chilled walks through the bustling Chicago streets (Wow, tourists are HARD CORE – it was FREAKIN’ COLD this weekend). Speaking of cold, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that apparently living in Michigan doesn’t mean that I have any clue how to dress for cold weather — I had to pop into the Gap on Michigan Avenue for a pink hoodie. Guess I needed JUST ONE MORE LAYER (Dear Gap: Would it be so bad to sell gloves? I bet people would buy ’em. Just a suggestion).

We ventured to a bar outside of the city and met up with some pretty awesome Twitter people before I had to hit the road to drive back to Michigan. And yes, I wore my fancy ring the whole way home.


The drive home took hours and I arrived home exhausted and yet somehow refreshed from a day spent laughing with friends, a day spent in the brisk cold, a day spent eating French fries and mainlining coffee. I’m glad to be back home. I forget how much I am recharged by time spent with my friends – both old and new.

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