TIL Tuesday

1. Style & Co Stretch Cotton Pants
I picked two pair of these pants for my birthday for workout pants and love them so much I asked my grandmother for another pair for Christmas. They are the Macy’s brand pants – so they’re not too pricey (under $20), and they are SO COMFORTABLE. And not only are they comfortable, they’re a loose enough fit so that they are amazingly flattering as well. They are not necessarily my favorite pants for RUNNING (I prefer shorts or a closer fit for running), but for walking, aerobic workouts and the like? These are awesome. Oh, they’re comfy for sleeping in also (which is good because OMG it’s COLD IN MICHIGAN).

2. Mother’s Circus Animals
You know the cookies I’m talking about, right? The pink and white frosted ones with sprinkles? I started thinking of these the other day, and haven’t been able to stop. These are my favorite grocery store cookie. MMMMMM. Cookies.

3. Anything and everything Sephora
It’s kind of funny because I’m not a woman who always has her hair and make up done. In fact, I usually don’t. But man, I am a sucker for a Sephora e-blast telling me what’s on sale, or that there are free full sized samples – or look! Shiny! Pretty much if it’s beauty related, you can get it at Sephora and that means I never have to go into a department store and wait for some snippy little chick in a white coat at the Clinque counter to help me find the right color of foundation. Also – free samples!

So there’s a few things I’m liking – I wish I got paid to say nice things about them (or got free cookies in return). Alas, it’s just the kindness of my own heart that makes me say how much I adore them.

What are some things you’re liking these days?

(And yes, a TIL Tuesday post means I may have a little bit of writer’s block).

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  1. I’m loving “Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Creme Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face.” I have dry sensitive skin, and so far, this cream is keeping my skin well hydrated and smooth. Her 8 Hour Hand Cream and Lip protectant are nice as well.

    I’m also loving “Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment” for my curly hair.

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