Thursday Ten: My Foot Just Fell Asleep Edition

1. Usually, I sit on the floor cross-legged while I’m working (I believe the new politically correct term for this is “criss-cross-applesauce which is absolutely moronic, but oh well – that’s what they are teaching the kids these days so, applesauce it is). I just went to stand up and sit and completely lost feeling in my left foot. I appreciate that no one was around to see that because I can’t even pretend I was even a tiny bit graceful trying to regain feeling in my foot.

2. Pumpkin wants dumplings. She’s been talking about dumplings (aka steamed potstickers) for awhile now, so that’s dinner. I’ll get some Chinese takeout and we’ll have to get like a triple order of dumplings because that’s our favorite. I was kind of lukewarm on the idea – but every time I type the word “potsticker” or “dumpling” I get just a little hungrier.

3. Tomorrow is the last day of school before a two week winter break. TWO. WEEKS. Trying to fill that time should be interesting because it’s pretty darn cold right now and I try to avoid being outside if I can help it. Yet, for some reason I want to take the girls ice skating.

4. I’ll be doing the Avon Walk again. If you’d like to support me, click here. The money goes for breast cancer research and services. You can visit Avon’s website to see how the donated money is spent. I’m so thrilled to be participating again – it’s a fabulous cause.

5. Has anyone seen “The Princess and the Frog”? What did you think? Worth taking the kids to see? I wish there were more kids’ movies out right now – would make that whole killing time during the holidays thing a little easier.

6. Guitar lesson today was pretty low key – which I would expect – in holiday winddown mode and all. We worked a little itty bitty bit on the Damien Rice song we started a few weeks ago, and then moved into some chord progression exercises which are an effort to make me hate the F chord a little less, I think. Sometimes I think the chord exercises are fun – and sound quite a bit cooler than what they actually are.

7. I got hit with a short-lived bug yesterday — felt a headache brewing and then all of the sudden, I was camped on my couch with saltines and 7UP. I managed to snooze a little bit after eating a few ibuprofen and seemed to take care of the headache – eventually I was back to my usual self. I have no idea if it was a shortlived bug – or just a migraine – and if it was a migraine? UGH. I’d like to not have those anymore, please.

8. Are you done Christmas shopping? I am! I am! Well. Almost. I need to shop for my Stepson. In the past week, we’ve gotten a few calls asking what to get him – and we’ve asked him, he doesn’t know what he wants. “If you don’t tell people what you want, they’re gonna get you clothes,” we told him. Still, he can’t think of anything either. Fourteen year olds are hard to shop for.

9. It’s taken me over an hour to type that. My attention span today? EH, not so much.

10. This afternoon, I’ve been exchanging songs with friends that remind me of my youth (i.e. from about fifth grade through high school) – when you think back on that time – what songs do you remember?

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  1. Anything by the gin blossoms is H.S. for sure 🙂 Boyz to Men, My Led Zepplin phase, MC Hammer, and about a million others but you’ll remember you were there 🙂

  2. I’m done!! I wrapped everything yesterday and shoved it all in the back of the closet. Christian’s getting the long-awaited skateboard. (He wants to be a professional skateboarder – real ambitious and a big money-maker I’m sure.) He’s very good actually, but old board is worn out. We splurged and got a really good one, so that is the ONE thing he’s getting.

    Haven’t seen the Princess/Frog movie yet, but we are all pumped up to see the Chipmunks Squeakuel. Can’t wait see that over Christmas break!!

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