The Exception to the Patience Rule

A few weeks ago, I told y’all about how this time of year I magically grow patience and some of the little obnoxious stuff kind of rolls off my back a little easier – Christmas spirit and what not. Well, recently I realized two things:

1. Never make those kinds of statements before you’re about to roll into the PMS-zone

2. There is a MAJOR exception to that whole “having patience thing”

The exception?

In the car. I have come to the conclusion that in Michigan driver’s licenses come inside specially-marked boxes of cereal, and most people only have to dig to the bottom of the bag of corn flakes to get one because there is no other way to explain the fact that the majority of the people on the road (or so it seems – see above about that whole PMS thing) have only a cursory understanding of the basic traffic laws – the rules of the road.

My biggest pet peeve is that most people bought cars that didn’t come with turn signals. I didn’t realize they MADE cars without turn signals, but clearly they did otherwise people would be using them. It doesn’t take but a second (possibly less – I haven’t officially tested it) to flick that blinker to indicate your turn, so surely, it must be that they don’t have them. So everyone – check before you buy your next car: Does it have a turn signal? Does it work? Awesome. You’re all set.

We’re in the “readjustment to winter” phase in Michigan. Just got slammed with the first snow of the season and cars are either going to slow or too fast. Me? I don’t mind a little caution right about now. And if your caution is directly related to the number of cars you see in the ditch (as mine is), that’s okay by me. I left my house early, I built time into my drive for this. Which is why when people tailgate on slippery roads (I’m talking to you Mr. Pewter Chevy Blazer Guy with the Cell Phone Plastered To Your Right Ear), I get a little angry. See all those cars in a ditch? It’s because the roads are slick. So – if I have to stop for any reason? You’re probably gonna rear end me. Sure, accidents happen. Snow increases the odds of that – but hang up your phone, drop the speed a few miles per hour and then just start praying I turn soon if you absolutely can’t stand driving behind me.


This time of year, I wish I could just magically teleport myself to my end destination rather than be on the road – but since I have to travel, I’d like to travel safe. And if I am travelling safe, I’d like the people around me to be cautious as well.

Take your time and be safe, y’all.

Okay, lecture over.

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