Thursday Ten: The “I’m Quiet, You Know*” Edition

1. I’m learning a new song in guitar! I’m learning a new song in guitar! And it’s EAAAAAAAASY. Finally. Because lemme tell you: bar chords are OBNOXIOUS. It’s a nice change of pace to pick up something new that from get-go I can play because the chords are all ones I’m familiar with and the strumming pattern is the same throughout the song. What song is it? Listen and see. But don’t watch. It’s just a still shot of the most unflattering angle of Howie Day and his two chins.

2. In the mean time, I’m still supposed to work on “Rain King” because if I give up on bar chords than the terrorists win.

3. I made a few loaves of gingerbread last week. I just polished off the last piece and I’m already trying to figure out when I can make another few loaves because… YUM. I love gingerbread.

4. I partially broke my blender this morning. On the lid to our blender (and maybe yours too, perhaps?) there’s a plastic removable piece that you can remove while blending to drop other things in the blender. At least, I’m assuming that’s the purpose of this piece. Annnnnyway. This morning, that little plastic piece FELL IN THE BLENDER while I was blending. That resulted in plastic getting kicked around by the blender blades, which resulted in the stuff I was blending spewing all over my kitchen. Fun times, fun times. Thanks, Oster.

5. In my family, we do the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. That means in the twelve days leading up to Christmas, we all give each other random gifts (three packs of gum, two pairs of socks, etc). Part of my 101 list is to do the Twelve Days of Christmas for someone else. Want it to be you? Go over THERE and leave a comment. I’ll randomly pick someone. You’ll get 12 presents. Fun, right? In the interest of full disclosure: there’s nothing about this giveaway to disclose. No one is sponsoring this or giving me stuff to give you. I’ll go to the store and pick things out for you specifically and send them to you. It’s fun. Play along.

6. And I’m gearing up to plan the 3rd annual Cookie Decorating Party. The kids love it. I love eating cookies — I mean, I love having all the kids over to decorate cookies and have a fun time and… I must be nuts. It takes days to get all the sprinkles out of the dining room carpet (Why do we still have a carpeted dining room? Who knows. It’s silly) after the kids are done. But it’s definitely one of the most fun things we do each year.

7. New music this week – tons. I just added some Brendan Benson and Florence + The Machine (both recommended and given by friends – and I haven’t listened to either yet).

8. Project Runway finale tonight! I don’t like the Top 3, so I’m going to say I’m hoping Carol Hannah wins because she’s the least annoying. And I kind of like her designs.

9. Outside the sky is grey, gloomy and the rain has been intermittent. It’s been spitting rain for a bit – but never a downpour. I did a quick change in my dinner menu – and now we’ll be having an Italian Meatball Soup. I think I need to hit the store for a loaf of french bread — I roasted some garlic last night, and some thick slabs of garlic bread with soup sounds just amazing. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to go off and be one of those people who COOKS. But a girl’s gotta eat).

10. I started Level 3 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred yesterday. I have to say, Level 3 is less obnoxious than Level 2 and I’m not sure how that can be? Level 3 felt easier on my knees though it still put a hurting to me (Jumping lunges? Guh). There’s plenty here to give you a workout, but when I finished yesterday I didn’t feel so much like crying while collapsing. Just… collapsing.

* Yes, this is a lyric from Howie Day’s “Collide”

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