Thursday Ten: Mix 1 Mango Protein Drinks Are Keeping Me Away From the Twix Bars

1. Y’know, around this time of day I get hungry. Around this time of year, I have a big jar full of candy in my kitchen. I like candy. A LOT. I really like sweets a lot – and when I post about cookies and I blab on Twitter about candy, YES I ABSOLUTELY CONSUME THIS MUCH SUGAR. (Yeah, I know. It’s bad). So, today, I figured I would grab a healthier snack – and I’m drinking a Mango Mix 1. They aren’t paying me to say this (Though if they ever decide they’d like to pay me to say it, that’s cool too). These are really good. Also, 200 calories and three servings of fruits/veggies. Awesome.

2. Guitar lesson was awesome today –  making progress, and next week, we’re going to quit focusing on the Tracy Chapman song and focus on “Rain King”. It’s hard to find time to practice, but I need to.

3. So, how many of you have kids who have gone through the Toys R Us big book and circled what they want for the holidays? PLEASE don’t let it just be mine. Anyway, yeah, my girls went through it and did some wicked circling, and I’m actually pretty pleased – they both picked things that I look forward to buying. The Princess picked a lot of creative stuff {she wants a guitar, y’all!!}, and Pumpkin picked mostly dinosaur things. And that’s okay with me. There’s a massive amount of stuff out there – but it’s kind of fun to see them zero on things that are really of interest to them.

4. Loads of new music this week – Train’s new release is pretty full of  hooks and is radio friendly and pretty good listening. I just downloaded a free live album from Matt Wertz that my friend tells me she’s had on repeat, but I have yet to listen to it – but I adore him anyway. If you like the acoustic-y guitar boys, check him out on his site while it’s a freebie.

5. So, now that the World Series nonsense is over we can have GLEE back, right? It’s been a few weeks and I’m a little overdue for high school students randomly bursting into song.

6. By the way, no, I don’t follow baseball. At all. I had no opinion on either of the teams who were playing (who was it again? Juuuuuust kidding!). I get a little bit more worked up over the Stanley Cup – but only if the Red Wings are playing.

7. Tomorrow, I get to call to see if the flu vaccine shipment came in and if my kids can get the flu shot (or Flu Mist – since neither of them have asthma, either the shot or the mist will be fine, though they’ll gripe a lot less about the mist). We’ll just do the standard vaccine if we can – we probably will not get the H1N1. Is it so difficult to get the flu shot everywhere?

8.  Level 2 of the Shred. OW. OW. OW. Chair sit v-raises. Ow. Ow. Ow.

9. Today I am wearing my favorite orange sweatshirt. It’s funny, I used to hate orange and now it’s one of my favorite colors. It’s pretty bright – I’m almost flourescent.

10. I need a haircut. I have no idea where to look for ideas, but dang. I really need to do something. This mop needs to be at least 1 – 2″ shorter. It’s getting too long. Where do you find inspiration for getting your hair cut?

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