Thursday Ten: Finding My Balance Edition

1. As I write this, I’m sitting on one of those big balance ball things. I figured sitting on the floor hunched over my laptop to work wasn’t doing my posture OR my core any favors. So… here I sit. I feel stronger already. (No, I don’t. But I’m trying to be glass-half-full about it).

2. We have instituted a new family tradition for Friday mornings. Fed up with how long it would take the girls to settle in for bed in the evenings and get up and around in the morning, we now have Donut Day Friday. Friday mornings, we get up and hustle to get out to get donuts for breakfast. In exchange, the girls have to minimize the getting-ready-for-school drama the other four days of the week. It seems to be working alright – it definitely gives them something to look forward to. As for me, Fridays means a cappuccino (because donuts? BLEEECH!).

3. It’s hunting season in Michigan which means that my favorite trail is closed temporarily lest some confused hunter mistake someone out getting their exercise for a deer (crazier things have happened, I suppose). I find it’s not as easy to get the same mileage in when running on the road, though, and I’m averaging shorter (but faster) runs. I dunno which is better – I kind of prefer my slower mosey over greater distance. And I prefer the privacy of the trail so passing motorists don’t have to see me all winded and ready to pass out.

4. In guitar lesson today we continued work on “Fast Car” and “Rain King”. The Tracy Chapman song is there, except speed, but I admit “Rain King”? It’s pretty slow going for me. I have a mental block with the B minor and C#m, and my fingers just won’t get there fast enough. So, my mission for the week is to quit thinking so much and just play. Hopefully that helps.

5. Anyone reading anything good at the moment? I just started reading Jen Lancaster’s “Pretty In Plaid”. I always love her books, and I definitely needed something that would make me laugh.

6. Project Runway is down to the Final Four. And… meh. Y’know, this whole season I have really had a tough time caring about this group of designers. I hope that they have something up their sleeve for next season because otherwise? Yawn. Way to take my favorite show and bore me with it, Lifetime.

7. Also, I really think Heidi Klum should dress better. Why doesn’t she?

8. It was below 30 degrees when we got up this morning. UNDER THIRTY DEGREES. Brrrrr. That’s not good. That’s really horrid. Fortunately, I had stumbled over a sale on fleece scarves at Old Navy this past weekend and picked up new scarves for the kids for a buck apiece. Pumpkin refused to wear hers, preferring to wear The Princess’s old scarf – whatever. As long as the kids were bundled up, my goal was achieved. I’m glad the temp picked up a bit though. I’m not ready for cold all day every day.

9. Sitting on this stability ball is really not fun. I’ve been here awhile now. I keep getting sidetracked while writing this and I’ve been here for about 30 minutes. Except when I got up to go pee because I drank about 80 ounces of water today so far. No, I’m not sure why I’ve had so much water.

10. With both kids at school today, I ran some errands before guitar lesson. Got another bit of Christmas shopping done. I think my favorite part of Christmas shopping is buying stocking stuffers. In addition to putting stockings together for my kids, I still do one for my mom (I think I’ve mentioned, she does one for me and my siblings, so it’s pretty fair). Today, I found a Christmas ornament that looked like a sparkly margarita with a red ornament on top. It’s pretty fitting for my mother, so I’m pretty pleased with my find. Have y’all started shopping yet? If not, when do you start? If you HAVE started shopping, when are you aiming to be done?

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  1. First, I hope your Mom doesn’t read your blog until after Christmas, LOL! Sounds like a very cool ornament. Can I find it at Target!??? 😉

    I’ve started Christmas shopping in the past few weeks. Little things here and there. Christmas will be very very small at our house this year – partly because of budget, partly because I don’t like it when the kids have so much that they don’t seem to really appreciate anything. This year they’re getting stockings and a couple gifts each from Santa. (The grandparents, aunts & uncles don’t do gifts.) Those couple things will be what they really love of course. (And each “thing” may constitute a number of small accessories, LOL. Like the Easy Bake oven MUST have mixing packs to go with!)

    While stocking stuffers are the hardest for me, they are also the most fun. I delight in finding that “just right” little thing! And I also love that those little things can be anywhere from 50 cents to $20. Bratz Boy (Isaiah), Bop-It (Christian), earbuds that look like M&Ms, some weird looking little monkey figures, play-dough… One thing Santa always did for me that I’ve passed on, are those little “candy books” of Lifesavers. I’ll have to find something else to keep Elijah happy – gummy lifesavers maybe??

    I love, love, love Christmas.

  2. I wanna play! If you end up doing 12 days of Christmas for me, I’ll do it for you, too.

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