Flu Shot Days and Mondays Always Bring Me Down

A few weeks ago when I realized that I’d missed a scheduled flu shot clinic at my doctor’s office, I called the next day to see if they would be holding another one so that I could get the flu shot for the girls (I’d had Flu Mist when I went in for my yearly physical in September). The nurse told me when I called that the clinic I thought I had missed had been cancelled – they just didn’t have any vaccine. She mentioned they were due to get a shipment, and suggested I call EARLY on Friday morning.

This Friday I had my phone set to remind me ten minutes before the doc’s office opened (and then again five minutes later, just to be sure) to call – and was able to call, get approval for the girls to get the flu shot (seasonal, not H1N1 – I opted not to go that route for my own reasons), and made an appointment for this morning.

You have to realize I felt like I’d scored the ungettable concert tickets or something, snagging two doses of flu vaccine. Within hours of getting the doc’s approval for my girls to get the shot, when I called the office back they had a message saying they were all out (Supply, demand, la di da di da).

I kept fairly hush about the shot aspect. The Princess hates shots, and I’d been hoping to get Flu Mist for her. Pumpkin doesn’t love shots, but she’s pretty okay with them. I kept referring to the fact that we were going to get flu VACCINATIONS, and not saying the S-word.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that The Princess figured out that “vaccination” was just a fancy way of saying “a nurse is going to shove a needle in your arm” and was less than enthused about the process. I thought having Pumpkin go first would help – I sat her on my lap, the nurse gave her her shot in the leg, she let out a brief yelp. Donezo.

The Princess was crying before the nurse swabbed her arm with the alcohol wipe, and because she had clenched her muscles so tight, the nurse seemed to have a lot of difficulty pushing the plunger of the syringe down. It seemed to take forever. And not just to The Princess. To me too.

She was still sniffling when we got out to the car. She was still sniffling when we got to her school. And she was still sniffling this afternoon when the school called to ask me to pick her up early, saying she didn’t feel well.

Her arm is hurting, a lot. Her temperature is up (how much, I don’t know. My lovely ear thermometer has a dead battery and a battery compartment door that is unwilling to open). She needed help getting changed into her pajamas because she didn’t want to move her arm. She’s extremely weepy. Her head hurts.

So, most likely she’s going to be home with me tomorrow. Tuesday is one of my big work days, so it’s going to take a little bit of juggling to make it work, but we’ll manage. Besides, UP comes out on DVD tomorrow — and I think maybe I’ll buy it. And maybe… I’ll let her watch it with me.

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  1. I hope the Princess feels better soon and you too. It’s awful seeing your kids hurt – I’m not sure there’s much worse. My son is 18 and I remember taking him for a shot when he was about 13 and he actually GRABBED the nurses arm to keep her from giving him the shot! I thought I would die! 🙂

    Hopefully your daughter feels better tomorrow. I highly recommend “Up”. 😀

  2. Hey girlio! I keep losing and finding your blog, forgetting that you have one and then remembering but not being able to find it. Love that you have links on your Twitter… cause your writing is a sweet pick-me-up when I’m feeling funky.

    As for the Princess, I’m hoping she feels better soon! My arm was very very sore for almost a week after my flu shot, and I think it’s a natural immune response (to the inactivated virus) for a slight fever/yuckiness to happen after. I ended up actually missing a class because I felt so crappy after mine. (But better to miss one than a week’s worth, right?)

    p.s. I need your address. 🙂 You’ve got another postcard coming your way in a few…

  3. Hmmm, may have to try the mango cause my butt likes the candy but my jeans can’t hold my butt anymore! ha ha I lost my Jillian DVD in the move and am still trying to find it. I remember those dips – ouch!

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