1. Yeah. The day after tomorrow is the wedding. Which means that tomorrow I have Bridal Party thingies to do like gettin’ a mani/pedi and going to the rehearsal at the church and the rehearsal dinner and trying to get some sleep so I’m not a panicked mess on Saturday.

2. The wedding is scheduled to take place the day of the Michigan/Michigan State game (GO BLUE). My sister has decided that if Michigan wins (GO BLUE), the wedding party will go into the reception hall to the Michigan fight song. If State wins, we’ll go in to the music of the State fight song. The bride is a MSU fan, the groom a Michigan fan. This is probably one of my favorite ideas of all the wedding stuff.

3. I had to go to the doc’s today for my yearly physical (oh, you envy me, huh? Boy, that’s a FUN WAY to start your day. Uh. No). While there, I got the Flu Mist. I always get the flu vaccine, but lemme tell you – having Flu Mist squirted up your nose is WAY preferable to a needle in my arm. Yay for inhaled vaccinations. I also found out that both my girls are old enough to get the FluMist versus the shot, so that will go over MUCH better with the short people.

4. New music this week – More GLEE stuff. Uh, hello? They performed Heart’s “Alone” this week and I luuuurve that song. (I did however skip the performance of “Last Name”. Not my thing. Also, wow, holy inappropriate for a high school performance. I love that about TV).

5. The Princess was chosen by her teacher to represent her classroom on the student council. She’s very excited about this – even though she doesn’t really know what it means. She’s also a bit frustrated because she’s asked her teacher, “What does this mean? What do I do?” That was days ago. She’s still waiting for her explanation.

6. I’ve been working with Pumpkin on handwriting. She’s learning to print at preschool, but they’ve started sending home “homework” – and frankly, it really makes the kiddo mad. Trying to think of appropriate incentives to sit down and work on this stuff. I did find some cool dinosaur handwriting sheets, which she loves because she’s a big dinosaur geek… Guess I’ll be on the hunt for encouraging dinosaur stickers.

7. Project Runway tonight – Michael Kors will be back! Yay – I’ve missed his snark. (Also, I’m not 100% in love with PR on Lifetime and in Los Angeles. Something is very much missing).

8. Guitar lesson – still working on “Fast Car” and “Dust In The Wind”. Today’s lesson actually had me in a near sweat slowing things down to a degree to get ’em right. I was getting pretty frustrated, but by the end of it, I had definitely improved noticeably. I love that my teacher studied to teach elementary school – it helps – she’s very encouraging like one would be with a little kid. While that sounds like it would be annoying, it’s actually helpful – especially when you’ve been working on the finger-picking pattern and your right hand won’t cooperate and you feel like you are a big stupid goofball – and then you are reminded that “Hey, this is definitely BETTER than last week.” It’s a good thing.

9. But I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SICK of “Dust In The Wind”, y’all.

10. Today was the first day I got on the treadmill to run versus run outside (it was 33 degrees this morning, y’all. TOO COLD for this chica to run outside). Running on the treadmill? Miserable. The fear of falling off the treadmill wasn’t helped by my stepping too close to the edge of the belt while engrossed in “When Harry Met Sally” on the television. Guess I better stick to music while I am on the treadmill or I may well break my leg.

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