Thursday Ten: Not Another Wedding Post, I PROMISE!

1. You’ll be happy to know I’m officially done dissecting the wedding and related events and I’ll probably shut up about that for now (If you just breathed a huge sigh of relief, it’s totally okay. I was driving my own self crazy as well).

2. I am watching Snow White at the moment. I haven’t seen this in forever. (Review coming in the next few days)

3. Music… I’m listening to the new Five for Fighting album (again, keep an eye out for the review). Also, some Kate Earl (the more I listen, the more I like it). And today, I heard a song by Sherwood that I love. Check it below.
Qu Video Sneak Peek Video #1 – Not Gonna Love

4. Guitar lesson today had me revisiting the same songs I’ve been working on for the past few weeks – but we spent most of the time on “Fast Car”. I’m finding clarity – but it still needs some smoothing out. Also, I’m working on the bridge for “Dust In The Wind”. GAH.

5. I stopped at Panera for lunch before my guitar lesson and got an Asian Sesame Chicken salad. There was tons of cilantro on it which made me very happy. It’s recently come to my attention that some people don’t like cilantro – and that seems crazy making to me. How can you not like cilantro?! And then I remember the look people give ME when I say I don’t like mayo. Eh. Let’s just agree to disagree, I guess. (Maybe if there was cilantro IN mayo….).

6. The power went out yesterday. The weather is getting a little too chilly for the power to comfortably go out. Also, I would make a rotten Amish person. The power goes out and I start getting twitchy. I actually ended up taking the kids to Starbucks for hot coffee and cocoa and then dropping The Princess off at school. Pumpkin and I then went shoe shopping and came home just before the lights came back on. Whew.

7. Speaking of Amish – someone tweeted about Amish friendship bread the other day. I love that stuff. The funny thing is, once you get a starter, you can’t seem to get rid of them. You’re stuck making bread and handing out those stupid things until you finally say, “That’s ENOUGH! I give up!” And then… when you REALLY want one? No one has one. And you’re outta luck.

8. You know what’s super UN-fun? Finding a very important work email in your Spam folder. Three weeks later.

9. Rachel from A Southern Fairytale has taken her blog PINK for the month of October and is tweeting and blogging in the name of raising money for breast cancer research this month (you can find her tweeting with the “blogging for boobies” hashtag).  Check her out, and if you can, donate. Also, she has some cool giveaways. Earlier in the week, I won an AWESOME scarf from Chickdowntown. I can’t wait til it arrives – it’s definitely getting to be scarf weather – and it’s so beautiful. But… back to the bewbs. Check out Rachel’s blog – support the cause if you can. Also, be sure to swing by on Mondays when Rach posts recipes. Delish.

10. I wish they wouldn’t use Beyonce songs on GLEE. The “Walking on Sunshine/Halo” mashup was only tolerable because I really don’t like the song “Halo”. Or Beyonce. BAH. But I love that show. I’m also relieved that our cheerleading squad wasn’t called “Cheerios” when I was in high school. That’s kind of ridiculous.

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  1. We (my daughter and i) loooooved snow white diamond edition! I reviewed it too (for one2one network)

    • I’m also reviewing for One2One. It’s been ages since I’ve seen it. Right now, I’m waiting for the prince to come give her a big smooch and wake her up 🙂

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