Thursday Ten: I Got An Award And Other Stuff.

1. Farm Wife gave me an award! The Gorgeous Blogger Award (oh, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE, Farmie)… That makes me smile – thank you VERY much. (And yes, you made my head itch with your post… EEPS!).

2. The Princess has been fever-free for over 24 hours, YEAH! I don’t know what the heck she had, but it appears to be short lived and that is totally fine by me. It wasn’t the H1N1, it didn’t even appear to be an intense cold. Just a little bitty buggy-bye. And since school is closed tomorrow for an inservice, our REALLY LONG WEEKEND continues.

3. I had to take The Princess to my guitar lesson today. She was bored which is funny because that’s how I feel sometimes while she’s in her gymnastics class. But that’s the way it goes, I guess. The plus is that I was learning something new today (a different segment of “Fast Car”) and I think it was good for her to see me struggle. Good for her to see that I had to work at it, and good for her to see my teacher break it down, slow it down and show me step by step. Let’s just call that an indirect teachable moment, shall we?

4. The weather is cooling down and I start thinking about comfort foods and getting out some of my favorite cold weather recipes. I have had a craving for chicken and dumplings – but it’s such a PAIN to make that I never do. What is your favorite cold weather comfort food?

5. New music. Just added some Joss Stone to my library today (thanks T!). Also, I am really liking Mayer Hawthorne. He’s got this nerdtastic look about him, but his sound is smooooth.

6. The other day I let The Princess bake cookies – I wanted cookies so badly but didn’t feel like doing the work to bake them (Weird, I know). Now it appears I’ve created a monster. She keeps asking to bake. I can’t blame her – I love it too – but we only have the ingredients for peanut butter cookies, so I either have to go to the store or, we’re having PB cookies again. Face it, that’s not really a bad thing.

7. I am finally reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five” and I admit, every time the book says “So it goes”, I wonder if there is a Slaughterhouse-5 drinking game where you slam a shot every time you read that. If there was, you’d be drunk by page 10.

8. It was 70 degrees and sunny yesterday – today it is gray, dreary and rainy… and 50 degrees.

9. The other day, Pumpkin was flapping her arms like a bird. “Mom!” she said. “Guess what I am!” Uhhh, a bird? I guessed. “Nooooooooooooooo,” she said, “it starts with a T!” My second guess was right – can you guess what she was?

Wait for it.

A pteranadon. Yup. That’s my dinosaur girl.

10. I need a haircut. I haven’t gotten my hair cut since July. My stylist has drastically reduced her hours and the woman I saw in July was alright, but I didn’t walk out of the salon overjoyed. Granted, it’s only hair – it grows back. BUT, when I go in for my next hair cut with someone new I need to be very specific about what I want. AND I DON”T KNOW. Blergh.

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  1. A pteranadon! Love it!


    wait for it…

    love you!


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