The Calm After The Storm

The wedding is over.

I am happy to report several things:

My speech went well – I only cried a TEENY TINY bit, I didn’t vomit from nerves and I kept it fairly short. The best man gave a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of speech. While he definitely didn’t seem as nervous as I (later, he said he really was), the length of the speech suggested that yeah, perhaps he was a smidgen on the nervous side. Some people said they couldn’t hear me – to which I say, Cool.

My girls did amazingly well. Pumpkin dropped her flowers all the way down the aisle like she was supposed to. The Princess looked like such a big kid and she was adorable at the reception as she made friends with the other kids there and hit the dance floor.

All the pre-wedding drama? Musta just been stress – because the people who had been behaving so poorly prior to the big day were FINE. They were fine at the rehearsal. They were fine at the wedding. They were fine the day after as we watched the bride and groom open their gifts. Some people just do not handle stress well. I guess we know now that the groom’s mom? She’s one of those people.

Waking up with the flu on the day of your wedding doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. The groom got a shot of an anti-nausea medication in his butt the day of the wedding (poor guy – truly insult to injury!). The meds tired him out and made him extremely thirsty – but he was at the alter at the appointed time, and he remained standing through the ceremony and by the reception he was doing alright, if not a little bit subdued.

MAID OF HONOR PRO TIP: Talk to the caterers at the reception and have them set aside a meal each for the bride and groom to take with them after they leave the wedding. They will be busy at the reception – dancing, greeting family and friends, and all of that wedding hooey. This way – they’ll have food when they are done for the night. When they are at home or their hotel talking about their day – they will have the dinner they didn’t eat earlier and they’ll be grateful. Trust me.

When your best friend is the photographer, you will look amazing in every photo because she loves you enough to smudge out the crinkle between your eyes.

If the bride requests “Back That Azz Up” at YOUR wedding, you are totally justified in returning the favor. She didn’t mind, really. She laughed and danced with me.

I have a brother-in-law now. My kids have an uncle they adore.

It was really a very good day.

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