So, Thirty-Some Years Ago Today…


…my mom had one of those impossibly short movie labors and I was born just after seven in the morning (I inherited her impossibly short labors – thank goodness).

Today has been an amazing day. I am one of those people who LOVES her birthday. I also inherited that from my mother who starts talking about her summer birthday by mid-spring. And while I’m not getting any younger, I don’t have that horrible fear tied to my age yet. Every year, I get a little older — I haven’t done the whole “stay 29” thing.

Last year in the weeks preceding my birthday, my grandpa was pretty sick and was in the hospital. There were some pretty rough moments in the midst of all that – but the greatest relief was him getting discharged and sent home on my birthday. It was truly the best gift I could have gotten.

This year, everyone is healthy – no one is in the hospital, and I’m relieved for that. My family and friends are doing well for the most part and that is also a pretty awesome thing.

And today is my birthday and I feel truly lucky.

Between calls and texts, emails and Twitter, Facebook and all the other avenues — I’ve been given lots of love today and I’m grateful.

Thank you very much for making my day so special.


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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I haven’t had a healthy birthday in three years!!! This year my baby was in a PICU. I guess there is always 2010!

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