So, I Guess There’s Something Going Around?


“Mom, I have a headache,” The Princess said to me on Monday about thirty minutes before we left for gymnastics. I asked if she still wanted to go to class and she said, “Yep!” After a dose of ibuprofen, she was fine. She woke up Tuesday morning, and was fine.

By the time she came home from school yesterday, she looked sluggish. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from picking Pumpkin up from daycare. We got into the house and she complained once more of a headache. We searched the house for our in-ear thermometer, found it, realized that the batteries were dead AND the battery compartment was stubbornly refusing to open, called a neigbhor, borrowed theirs and THEN… took her temperature.



I emailed her teacher and the attendance office knowing that even if she woke up with a normal temperature and feeling great, the requirement is to be fever-free 24 hours before returning to school. In the meantime, she was watching a television show and ended up being carried to bed twenty minutes early because she kept drifting.

This morning, she woke up and within an hour of waking up she zonked out into a forty minute nap. During cartoons. Really. Then she slept through Zack and Cody (Wish I’d have been that lucky – those are two of the most annoying children on television these days). As I was finishing my shower, she knocked on the door and came in to say, “Hey! I feel so much better now!”

By 11, she had a temperature again but slightly lower – so I gave another dose of ibu, and we spent some time coloring (see our makeshift coloring book, above. She drew the picture, I colored it in. This is called team work).

And now? She’s completely fine.

I asked Hubby if he’d go to the store to get orange juice. The Princess asked him if he’d also get some barbecue chips. I think she may be on the mend.

But, still, she’ll be home tomorrow. Once she woke up with a fever this morning, I knew we were looking at a couple days off. While that kind of monkeys up plans a little bit, I don’t feel like taking the chance and sending her back when she might be contagious. Just like I’d be pretty peeved if the kid sitting next to her in class came to school sniffling and sneezing droplets of kid-cooties on her desk all day, I really don’t want to risk that she might make someone else sick.

I think we’re pretty lucky – I’m fairly sure this was just a minor bug and not H1N1 or even the “standard” flu, parents are kind of in high-alert mode right now, as are the schools. So many kids are getting sick – and I feel that it’s a race to get the kids their flu vaccines on Monday (will it be too late then? I hope not).

Mostly, I’m hoping that my kiddo wakes up tomorrow still feeling good – and that the rest of us manage to not get sick.

Hope you all stay healthy and avoid the crud. Feel free to use my Purell before you go.

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