Days Like This Are Why Sweatpants Exist

Last night I bribed my daughters: If you go to bed and stay in your rooms and don’t wake me up in the middle of the night (Pumpkin) for silly things (Pumpkin) several times (Pumpkin), I’ll take you guys out for donuts in the morning for breakfast.

And, whaddayaknow?! My kids are perfectly okay with bribery. Pumpkin has been waking up multiple times every night requesting someone cover her up with her blanket (even though I know she knows how), and frankly, waking up three times each night was turning me into a big mean mom. A cranky one. A sleep deprived one.

SO, last night they slept.

We dashed to the store for donuts. We dashed back to get The Princess on the school bus. Pumpkin and I then ventured out AGAIN to go grocery shopping. We came back home so I could get some work done and start level two of the Shred (OWOWOWOWOW). I showered, I made lunch and then ZOOOOOOOM. Off we went again to The Princess’s school Halloween party.

In the rain.

Where so many parents attended, I had to park A HALF MILE AWAY. And walk, carrying a 40 pound four year old who didn’t want to get her Halloween shoes wet (to be fair, her feet would have been drenched – her Halloween shoes are like slippers).

Mind you, this is carrying a kid AFTER doing the Shred. Arms = Jelly.

So we did the party thing. We did the parade around the school thing. We did the jaunt back to the car in the rain thing.

And my jeans from the knee down were drenched with rain water.

I make it a point to not leave the house in sweatpants – if I’m going to work out, I have some nice yoga pants that I’m not too embarassed by, but I tell you, I have sweatpants on now and one more thing I’ve got to do yet today, and I’m thinking… yeah. I might actually leave the house wearing these.


Most days, I do my best to not walk out the door looking like a hobo – and then there are the days when you’ve been running since you first wake up, and man…. These pants feel kind of good.

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