A “Slice” of Five For Fighting

I fell in love with John Ondrasik’s voice when the song Superman (It’s Not Easy) , inspired by the events of 9/11, hit the radio years ago. Today, John Ondrasik – performing under the stage name Five for Fighting – releases the new album Slice.

With his distinctive voice and radio friendly piano melodies, Five for Fighting has released a solid album that has been in rotation on my iPod for the past few days. Stand out songs include “Chances” , the first release from the album, as well as “This Dance” and “Transfer”.


To give you a taste of my process for reviewing albums – I’ve included the above screen capture of my iTunes library. When I listen to an album, I give each song at least one star. From there, I’ll add stars based on my impression of it.As I listen a second (third and fourth, etc) times, I’ll add or remove stars from my original assessment. VERY scientific, yo.  As you can see there were several songs I really enjoyed (including “Chances” – the first radio single from the album), and a couple that I didn’t like (The song “Hope” for example, seems really out of place on this album – and I have hit the “Next” button every time the opening chords are played).

If I were giving letter grades, I’d give this one a B. It’s enjoyable, the melodies will stick with you – it’s what you would expect from Five for Fighting.



I received this review copy of this album from One2One Network. I was not compensated for writing this post and the opinions given are my own. I use affiliate links within this post.

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