TIL Tuesday

These are things I love, blah blah blah – saying it cuz I wanna. These are things I’ve purchased on my own, with my own moohlah, unless stated otherwise.

1. Chex Mix
This is a necessity for any road trip. I love the traditional flavor Chex Mix. I don’t like the other kinds. I’m kind of a Chex Mix purist, if you will… But, y’know… I just don’t like it as well when it’s homemade. When I make it, it never tastes right. If you are a champion chex mix maker, let me know what the trick is. Til then, I’ll buy it.

2. Stacy’s Pita Chips
Well, hey, this is lookin’ like the snack food edition, isn’t it? I promise I won’t ONLY talk about food. These are super yummy. My kids actually don’t really like these because they are very crunchy, but I do. What I like to do is make a BIIIIIIIG salad and then have a few of these on the side. (See, leafy greens. Whew. I’ve redeemed myself. Kinda?). Also, the cinnamon ones are awesome in cheesecake dip.

3. Orbit Gum
Cinnamint, please. I am a chain-gum chewer. I chew til my gum loses its flavor, toss that piece out and then get a new one. Wrigley’s oughta love me. Also, sometimes I need two pieces of gum at once – you just need a little extra if you’re gonna blow bubbles.

4. Sharpies
I have crazy, mad love for Sharpies. I always talk myself out of buying that huge package with like a bazillion Sharpies in it – but one of these days… I’m GONNA DO IT. Love these things. (This actually goes for many office supply products – I also have a somewhat irrational love of Post-Its).

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