Thursday Ten: This Time Next Week There Will Be School!

1. School starts Tuesday. The kids are thrilled. Really. They are thrilled too – at this point, they’re a little bored being home and hanging out and there’s nothing to do. When I suggest cleaning something, they tell me, “Well, that’s BORING.” No joke, ladies – that’s why I don’t want to clean either!

2. The Princess and I went to her school today to meet her teacher and walk around. Her teacher is awesome, and the classroom is set up nicely and I think it’s going to be a very exciting year for her. PLUS: She has her own LOCKER. Not a cubby, but an actual locker. My big kid is moving up in the world.

3. My mile time is continually improving. Booyah.

4. Music this week – “Fuego” Pitbull after watching the best of “So You Think You Can Dance” last night. Pasha and Lauren’s Shane Sparks hip hop routine to the song made me download it.

5. I wrapped up the last 365 Project on Monday and jumped right into my second year on Tuesday. In addition to continuing on with the AWESOME Envisage group, I’ll be chronicling my year with the folks of BD, as well. If you would like to join our Flickr group, lemme know!

6.  I missed Project Runway last Thursday (OH! The horror!). I’ll be trying to catch up this evening. Yes, I realize I’m a wee bit addicted to Project Runway. But I admit it – and we all know that’s the first step.

7. I just got an email in my spam folder with the name of someone I went to school with once. Made me laugh. I hardly think he really thinks I need to lose ten pounds since I don’t think he’s seen me since Clinton was in office. The first time.

8. GLEE was on Fox last night – did you watch it? I can’t wait until it starts next week. It’s just the kind of kooky thing I love.

9. My sister gets married A MONTH FROM TODAY. Wow. Where is time going?

10. I made a bunch of cookies yesterday and then mailed them out to people this morning and now? Now I want a cookie SO BAD, and there are NO COOKIES HERE. Oh, the tragedy.

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  1. She has a LOCKER!? Wiping a tear… I can’t believe she’s that big already (sniff sniff…).

  2. found you through the photo website.
    Made cookies and mailed them all! Wish I had that will power.
    Congrats on your run times!

  3. I put the wrong webpage in my last comment. I always forget the blogspot…

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