Thursday Ten: This Day Just WON’T STOP

1. Isn’t it fun how you can mosey along and have one average day after another and then get hit with one spectacularly crazy day where one thing after another happens and it’s like, “Dang. ENOUGH.” Yeah. That’s today. Thursday, chill a bit. You don’t have to be such a tough guy.

2. Did you watch “Glee” last night? Did you LOVE it? I watched and loved – but if you missed it, it’s already on Hulu, so you can go get all caught up to see what I was watching last night. Also, I’ve had their cover of “Push It” stuck in my head off and on all day.

3. Nice segue here for new music purchased this week – yes, I’ve bought a few of the GLEE tunes from iTunes. Also, Lily Allen’s version of “Womanizer” (whuuut?). The new Marie’ Digby (it’s very acoustic-y, guitar-y, pop).

4. Also downloaded? “Fuego” from Pitbull, because of this routine from a past season of “So You Think You Can Dance” (Yes, I want to learn this. I’m a dork. But wouldn’t this be fun?)

5. This evening after my gruesome day, Pumpkin was sitting on my lap. “Tell me what’s in your mouth, you can’t say tongue or teeth.” Hmmm. Gums, I told her. Spit. “Oh! Spit!” And then she promptly spit on my shirt. Awesome. Today is just FILLED WITH AWESOME.

6. Project Runway night. Finally some redemption for the day.

7. I went to my eye doctor today for a yearly checkup. He did a brief exam, left the room so I could put my contacts back in and then came back in three minutes later smelling like cigarette smoke. My appointment continued for another four minutes beyond that. Um. I can’t figure out if he dashed off to sneak a few puffs in the middle of my appointment or if it was from being around a different patient – because he’s NEVER smelled like anything other than normal, light cologne.

8. In guitar today, I started learning about finger picking. The ultimate goal is that I want to play “Fast Car” (I love that song, I just do!) – but we started with Kansas’s “Dust In The Wind“. Admittedly, I’m not familiar enough with this song to have this mean anything to me. So, yeah, there’s that.

9. I hate that Pumpkin doesn’t nap at daycare. That kind of stinks. But in awesomeness, the daycare has started sending home “homework” folders with little handouts for Pumpkin to do – and she feels pretty fancy having big girl homework like The Princess. We’ll see how long her enthusiasm lasts.

10. Sooo, I have to write a speech for my sister’s wedding. Anyone wanna help me?

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  1. Well you could cry your eyes out during the speech like I did giving yours! 🙂 I think everyone still remembers me as the sobbing maid of honor! :)Less than a month away! wholy crap!

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