A Whole ‘Nother Side of Grand Rapids


I’m pretty impressed with Grand Rapids these days. Right now, for the first time a competition called ArtPrize is taking place and I cannot remember if I have ever seen the streets so filled with people – people so excited about their town, people so excited about ART.

I’ve been out twice to check out the art – and I have barely scratched the surface of all there is to see out there. There are some exhibits we’ve seen twice (Pumpkin is particularly enthralled with Nessie – the “Loch Ness Monster” that is placed in the river).

Yesterday, we happened downtown at just the right time to see 100,000 Paper Airplanes over Monroe Avenue. This was an event/exhibit that was talked about ahead of time – but sadly, I had about three days of newspaper outside that I hadn’t yet brought into the house (But I still subscribe even if I don’t always read it – so, yay me?).

There’s a bit of something for everyone – there’s interactive art – there are sculptures – there are awesome things being made with recycled glass – there are things that make you smile – things that make you think. I have LOVED taking my children and watching them enjoy art – watching them get excited about the next thing. Watching the look on Pumpkin’s face as she gives something a thorough look, or a smile spreading across The Princess’s face when she sees a sculpture that pleases her.

It’s been pretty cool.

Grand Rapids, I’m impressed.


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