Thursday Ten: No, Schools In Michigan Don’t Start For A Few More Weeks.

1. Yeah, all you fancy pantses in other parts of the country with your kids going back to school this week…. Yeah. You’re awesome. School’s here don’t start until after Labor Day. Meh. A few more weeks of juggling and then we can all return to the routines we crave. All of us. “I’m bored” is getting to be a common refrain around here — except from me. I don’t say it – I’m too busy to be bored.

2. RIP Les Paul.

3. Music of the week: OF COURSE, you’ve picked up Chris Mann’s EP already. I know you have. But the other song in my ear is “Sideways” by Citizen Cope. Also, some Matt Hires courtesy of my friend who likes fill my iTunes with cool music from guys named Matt.

4. Still working on Staind in guitar lesson. Today, we tuned my guitar down a half step and so I got to play it as it was meant to be played. It’s still pretty amazing to play “real stuff” when a year ago at this time, I didn’t have a guitar, knew no chords and was soon to be starting from square one. Would I love to be further than I am right now? Of course. But even so, progress is amazing.

5. I think I hate cooking even more in the summer time. We’ll be picking up a rotisserie chicken tonight for dinner. Easy, yummy. And doesn’t involve me turning on the stove. Bonus.

6. New addiction. Barbecue flavored Popchips. Yuuuuuuum.

7. Starting the planning of my sister’s bachelorette party – boy, there are so many ways to make a bachelorette party tacky, aren’t there? I have my sister’s friend helping me and yet… I’m somewhat alarmed. My sister is going to either love it or be totally MORTIFIED.

8. I’ve got the nifty little pouch to hold my Nike+ sensor on my shoe. And now I just need to calibrate that puppy and get started. Anyone else using Nike+? I figure if people can see how slow I move it will motivate me to get my booty moving more.

9. I painted my fingernails red last night and hate it. My favorite look for them is bare. Or my dark blue OPI color (my fingernails are so short, I can wear blue). Do you have a signature polish look?

10. My guitar needs new strings. I left my lesson and my fingertips were totally black. Guess I’ll need to have that done. Soonish. Of course, I don’t know how to do it myself so I have to have someone else do it – I hate that. I like to know how to do things. One of these days I’ll learn.

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  1. While my favorite color ever is PINK, I prefer shades of red polish because they just look better on my hands. I took a pic of my current nail job, but apparently can’t upload it as a comment, LOL. I’ll email it over for your viewing pleasure. 😉 I rarely paint them just because I’m never sitting long enough in one place to let them dry in a good way. So the current red do, it needs a lil fixing up.

    Next time I’ll have to try blue. I do love Opi.

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