Thursday Ten: I’m Like Nancy Drew Edition

1. This afternoon, we received a Fed Ex box from Build-A-Bear addressed to my kids. Inside were the two CUTEST bears EVAH, but… problem? I didn’t order ’em.
So, I called my dad. Pumpkin’s birthday was recently – and though it doesn’t seem like dad’s thing to send stuffed animals, I figured… I’ll check. I was right, it wasn’t him. Sooo, I called the peeps at Build A Bear. Okay, so calling myself Nancy Drew is kind of a stretch – because all I did was give them the order number and they said that they came from my VERY AWESOME FRIEND CASEY. Casey – I love you. You are sweet to me and sweet to my kids. They are THRILLED. And you, lady, are amazing.

2. Another awesome guitar lesson – made some awesome progress on learning the chords in the Key of E. Today, started with Staind’s “Outside”. And I picked it up pretty quickly, and the chord shapes are so similar that it’s a fun one to play.

3. Can you believe it’s almost AUGUST? W00t! In just over two weeks, I just be receiving information about The Princess’s second grade teacher and all that good stuff.

4. I’m still in the midst of planning my sister’s bridal shower. It makes me realize that I really am not a fan of the showers for brides (or babies, or whatever). You try to do a simple, low key event that is nice, and what happens is that every one weighs in with an opinion Food seems to be the big drama in our case. Really – do you go to a 2 p.m. event expecting a full meal? I know I sure don’t. For me, as long as the cake is good – we’re FINE.

5. I bought a dress for my sister’s shower. I tried on a long maxi-dress (which I may go back to buy) and a canary yellow Calvin Klein dress. What did I end up buying? ANOTHER LBD. I just can’t help myself.

6. I miss Chicago so much. I can’t believe a week ago at this time, I was hanging with Kat and then getting ready to see a lot of really cool people. Miss ’em all already.

7. Yesterday the weather was perfect – in the 70s, sunny with an amazing breeze. Last night, I ventured out for my workout and I didn’t want to come back inside. The sun was smiling on me and as I made my way through town, I was overwhelmed with the smell of lavender. I don’t normally like the smell – but something about lavender plus sunshine. It was amazing. Today, the sky is hung with clouds and though it’s sunny, it’s a bit more human… a little less perfect.

8. New music – just some miscellaneous stuff, old stuff. Rosie Thomas “Farewell”, Regina Spektor “Radio”.

9. I keep thinking about that dress I didn’t buy. Guess I’ll be going back this weekend for sure. Sigh. I’m such a GIRL.

10. I haven’t watched So You Think You Can Dance in about three weeks. What am I missing?

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