So, When Is the Next Chicago Trip?

As many of you know (because I JUST SAW YOU THERE!), I ventured down to Chicago on Thursday morning to visit friends and kind of weave my way in to the BlogHer madness (without ACTUALLY being a BlogHer attendee). Thursday, after much driving I met up with Kat (she of the Sassy Irish variety). Kat put a roof over my head, and so graciously put up with my non-sleeping, french fry bingeing self for two days – AND I ADORE HER EVEN MORE FOR IT. Also, if you didn’t know: Kat can parallel park any car, anywhere. She’s got wicked skillz.

Kat and I started with dinner and drinks before venturing to meet the folks at the Sheraton to kick off the night with some parties.

First stop: The People’s Party. Hosted by a bunch of AMAAAAAAAZING women, it was a great start to the evening. Chris Mann performed while we drank and mingled (BTW – his EP drops on August 11 via iTunes and all those other places. Check it out. Not only does he have an incredible voice – he’s a super nice guy. So 8/11. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again).

From The People’s Party, we moseyed on down to the Room 704 Party. Featuring legendary swag bags and some kick ass hostesses. Those swag bags were the bags to have – with swag for every part of your house – from your kitchen to your (ahem) bedroom. Also, omg Fling Chocolate that made a very nice breakfast yesterday as I was hitting the road.


Though at one point, 704 became SEVEN-OHHHH-FLOOR! (Wine, plus liquor, plus wine again? Um, I’ll just sit over here for a little bit, mkay?).

Got up Friday morning to help out at Shannon’s awesome BlogHer 5k. I was loving the turnout she had – lots of people showed up to get their sweat-on early a.m. Awesome.

From  there, some time was spent walking around Chicago. Chicago is one of my favorite places on the planet. I love it and love the vibe of the city. Wish I could have spent more time just soaking it in, but for all the blanks in my schedule, it was still pretty busy. Next was lunch with some awesome Twitter peeps (including my walking mate from the Avon Breast Cancer walk – how happy was I to see her again? SO happy!).

Ventured to a cocktail party with my BD chicas afterwards, hosted by the lovely folks from Hanes at the gorgeous Trump Hotel. Some hors d’oevres, some Comfortini’s and flowers made out of socks? It was an awesome time to meet new friends and hang out with my lovely friends I haven’t seen since February. I was so thrilled to be included.


Back to the Sheraton for the BlogHer cocktail party, and then Type A Mom’s event (chocolate fountain? I couldn’t even get near it – the line was so long… Cookies and chocolate – I guess they know what we like?!).

I had an amazing time in Chicago – a terrific time catching up with old friends and a lovely time getting to meet some peeps I knew from Twitter and other various social arenas.

And getting away from life for a bit? Awesome.

And now? I need a vacation from my vacation.

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  1. It was a blast! Wish you were closer so we could hang more often! Oh and by the way…. I would eat fried with you ANY day 🙂

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