Midsummer Sanity Check

We’re just about halfway through the summer, people: How are you holding up?

While I have managed to find a groove for getting things done (sorta) and for making sure my mind is on work when it needs to be and on my children when it needs to be, I am so EXHAUSTED at the end of the day because juggling? It’s hard work.

We’ve adopted a library to go to for a weekly story time (though, I have to say, their craft projects are ill-conceived and not age-appropriate, leaving the parents to do most of the crafting while the children look on). The girls love checking out tons of books (The Princess blows through books so fast – she’s amazing – and probably should be taking on more difficult books – based on where she is reading-level wise, the school said “A Wrinkle In Time” is where she is level wise – and that may be, but I worry about her ability to understand the concepts).


We’ve also found a few fun parks nearby, and depending on the weather it’s either an awesome way to breeze through a bunch of time or it’s so hot that we are in and out of there in ten minutes. Actually, weather wise, it hasn’t been TOO unbearable lately (BIG sigh of relief).

We’ve had a fun time – but, yeah – we’re also ready for school to start. This fall, The Princess will be in second grade and Pumpkin will be back to her preschool schedule. I look forward to the return of the more rigid schedule (it allows for my days with them home to be more fun, instead of divided between work and play) – and frankly, I really look forward to not having to make lunch every day. For some reason, lunch boggles my mind. I can plan for dinner, I can pull together breakfast. Lunch has me staring into the pantry wishing something would magically appear before me, sparing me from making yet another grilled cheese sandwich.

Soon enough, soon enough.

How are you holding up?

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    We are ready for school to start! They are actually ready as well! 🙂 haha I’m so looking forward to the return of structure!

  2. I feel like a cruise director. I am so ready for school to start as this will be my first year with both girls in school all day. We have had a fun summer doing the summer reading program at the library, a week at each of the grandparents and now doing soccer camp this week. The countdown to school is on!

  3. I’m never ready for school to start! The summer is actually LESS busy for me than the the school year (which seems to be filled with PTO meetings, parent-teacher conferences and Cub Scout meetings). I spend most of the summer wishing I didn’t have to work full-time, so that I could take them to the library for weekly story time, go to the pool and the zoo more often, take Isaiah to more summer activities, etc. I hate it when school starts back up – It’s always too soon.

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