Well, That Was Easy

I love Apple.
I love iTunes.

And even when I knew that the downloads on iTunes was all DRM-y, I didn’t care because I loved the ease of use and how everything was all in one place. Before the whole iTunes thing, I had a Sony MP3 player and the Connect/Sound Stage program was no where near as user friendly as I find iTunes to be.

So, even when I knew Amazon was DRM-free, I didn’t use it because iTunes was so easy. And even though I knew that most songs were cheaper per song than iTunes, I still didn’t use Amazon because iTunes kept all my stuff in a nice neat tidy little bundle and I didn’t have to import anything or do anything crazy special – everything JUST HAPPENED easily.


I went looking for an album the other day and it wasn’t available on iTunes. It was available on Amazon. I downloaded the nifty little Amazon downloader doohickey and found out that all this time I thought that it was going to be a mess DL’ing music from Amazon, it wasn’t. It was easy and all my new music went right into iTunes without me having to import songs or break a sweat.

If I could find where my daughters hid my Staples button, I would press it now: “That was easy.”

And if you’re wondering what I’m listening to….

The Mechanics of Leaving by Keeley Valentino. Kind of an acoustic-y, singer songwriter from Nashville. And I LOVE it.

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