Thursday Ten: Well HELLO SPRING.FINALLY Edition

1. I just drove past the bank. Their little sign doohickey said it’s 83 degrees out. It’s awesome out there. I’ve got the window open and it’s not so hot outside that there’s no breeze. The breeze is what makes it perfect. Sad thing is, we have perfect weather in Michigan for such a short time each year. I live in the wrong state.

2. I am still working on Counting Crows in guitar lesson but I kinda sorta maybe didn’t really practice at all last week. Yeah. But, it’s getting a bit smoother and I’m not mangling the D minor so badly and YAY, the chorus doesn’t even HAVE a stupid D minor, so, that’s awesome.

3. I’m also learning “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Just the chorus for now. Apparently Mr. A-Z plays with mostly barre chords and I’m learning a MUCH easier way with open chords, but nothing feels easy yet.

4. One week til The Princess is seven. One week. I haven’t started shopping for her birthday yet. She pretty much wants everything, so I have lots of ideas. I also need to brainstorm my cupcake strategy.

5. American Idol… I’m happy with the results. But then again, I’ve said it before – I’m more of an acoustic-y, mellow music kind of girl. Guyliner isn’t so much my thing (I have exceptions to that rule, none of which I can think of offhand). I think the show in general was pretty surprising last night – surprised at some of the acts that performed. Could have lived without hearing that Velveeta train wreck of a song by Kara, though.

6. And because my couch gets lonely if I’m away from it too long – I’m pretty ready for “So You Think You Can Dance”. Am I the only one who watches it and wishes my mother forced me to take dance class?

7. New music: New Tori Amos came out on Tuesday. I like Tori.

8. Apparently, I’ll be throwing one of my sister’s bridal showers. I’m thrilled to do something for her, but can’t for the life of me figure out why forty people need to be at one shower. And… I’m not having bridal shower games because they make me crazy.

9. Yesterday, Pumpkin threw her arms around my neck and told me she loved me like crazy. I love the enthusiasm of children. I love always knowing what they are thinking, because they’ll tell you so. And when my kids say things like that, it lights me up. (Of course, they also say things like, “I want chocolate milk! With a straw! No! Not that straw! A red one! Not that red one! The OTHER red one!” At those times, I remember that they love me like crazy).

10. Today is the perfect day for a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone eaten outside at a picnic table in the sun.

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  1. You can have your vanilla soft serve. I’ll take chocolate.

  2. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect says

    Haha! “that Velveeta train wreck of a song by Kara” SO TRUE.

    And I looooove So You Think You Can Dance. Every summer, I watch and think, “I could do that. Yeah, I’ll take lessons some day.” Unh-huh. Right. 🙂

    By the way, I copied your Thursday Ten idea and did a Friday Five today.

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