A Bedtime Story From THE PRINCESS

Editor’s Note: All spelling errors have been corrected (not that there were many because my kid is wicked smart).

One day there was an elephant who could talk. She went to the store to buy a tutu. “I will buy a lovely pink tutu! My ballet teacher will love it!”

Then she put on the tutu and went into the jungle.

Then she went into the mud. “Oh dear, my lovely tutu!” and she started crying, A-hm, a-hm, a-hm (Editor’s Note: I asked, and those are supposed to be crying noises). Then she climbed into a tree. The end (bad ending, I know). But when she climbed into the tree, she got eaten by a giant howler monkey.

Hi there, it’s the Editor again. Yes, my child ended the story with a howler monkey eating an elephant wearing a tutu. Have I mentioned lately that she rocks?

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  1. thatdamnredhead says

    OMG that story ROCKS.

    … and I can’t believe I had to look up exactly what kind of monkey at “howler monkey” was.

    I say we get this story animated. Any flash developers out there reading this?

  2. That is the greatest story EVER!

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