Thursday Ten: Venturing Through Nature Edition

1. It’s hard to come up with things to do on Spring Break to amuse a six year old and a three year old at the same time. Yesterday’s story time and movie seemed to be the biggest hit (both free, by the way – with the exception of the movie popcorn. Not free, but the popcorn was better than the movie so it was money well spent). Today, Pumpkin is at school so The Princess and I have been trying to get stuff done. I am not on spring break – I’m still working – so I haven’t been a cruise director today, but she’s done an awesome job entertaining herself by making a birthday card for my sis and doing some other craft projects that involve lots of glue.

2. I was just vacuuming the crumbs off our dining room table (It sounds ridiculous, but its top is like planks – and the crumbs get stuck between the “planks” — easier to just get the vacuum out and get it clean that way). I accidentally vacuumed up The Princess’s lip gloss. That Dyson? AMAZING suction.

3. This weekend we will be doing a balloon launch for Maddie. It’s really still amazing to me how people have come together in her memory to do great things already – the donations to March of Dimes has almost reached $20,000 and a lot of people are taking their blogs purple for her.

4. This afternoon, The Princess and I went on a walk on a trail for a breath of fresh air. As we walked by the river The Princess told me all about animals and was particularly thrilled to see dozens of turtles sunning themselves on a branch in the river. She also treated to me to such gems as, “I would TOTALLY expect to see some amphibians around here” and “Did you know ducks are waterproof?” (Then she explained how ducks coat themselves with oil and, “You know, mom, oil and water DO NOT mix.”). She is wicked smart.

5. I can’t help but think that more than, say…. four turtles on one branch is excessive.

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  1. I wanted to poke my eyeballs out during Monsters vs Aliens. We loved Despereaux! Bought it yesterday morning and the kids have watched it three times since. A bit much – but I’m sick of seeing “Cars” over and over… and over and over. Right now just about anything beats Cars, LOL.

    BTW I have never seen so many turtles in one place in my life!

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