Thursday Ten: Just How Much Rain Do We Really Need Edition

1. If April showers indeed bring May flowers than I expect to see flowers springing out of every possible surface next month because sheesh, there’s been a lot of rain. I have a neighbor who usually has three or four sprinklers on at once watering his lawn in the afternoons (I can’t even begin to imagine what he must pay for water!) – but I’m thinking April is going to be a pretty cheap month for him. I haven’t seen his sprinklers on, not even once.

2. I have decided to drink more water. I do this occasionally when I realize that hydrating solely by way of Coke Zero and Starbucks isn’t exactly hydrating. I only like to drink water when it’s super cold, and I forgot how quickly water runs through your body. I’m not nearly as productive with work when I’m drinking this much water.

3. Swine Flu. Sooooo, are you worried about it? I have actually avoided reading much of anything about it at all until lately. Though I guess if there is any silver lining in the hysteria it’s that maybe more people will wash their hands. THAT? That’s AWESOME.

4. Just when I thought I’d finally gotten the song down in guitar class, my teacher added in a new technique. This is good because it will sound more like Matt Nathanson’s version. On the downside? Now I have to get my head used to the new technique. I’ll get it but I’m gonna have to slooooow waaaaaay doooooown.

5. Greasy pizza, that sounds good.

6. American Idol this week… The Standards. Y’know, I really forgot how much I love the song “Someone to Watch Over Me”. Every time I hear it I think, “I loooove that song.” Then it pops out of my head. I didn’t really care who got voted off. All the people who annoy me are gone. That happened pretty early this year – usually there’s one that I can’t stand up until the final three or better (Taylor Hicks? Never liked him).

7. Next week in guitar I guess we’ll be learning “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews. Somehow, I’m less than enthusiastic. I like DMB a lot more now having seen them live, but “Crash”? Meh. Oh well.

8. My best friend was so so gracious to loan me her camera when mine bit the dust last week (it only bit it in a minor way, but major enough that I can’t fix it on my own and the cost to fix it really makes no sense). Loooove her camera – I have taken a lot of good shots with it and am convinced her Sony is magic to make even the most craptastic photographer seem alright.

9. Gearing up to start planning The Princess’s birthday party. She’s going to be SEVEN next month. Seven. Dang. Where does the time go? (And OMG, she wants to invite a huge gaggle of girls – I think that’s going to be one crazy day).

10. Another week of no new music. Nothing has appealed to me. Maybe next week.

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  1. The Courteous Chihuahua says

    1. You are preachin’ to the choir! I can’t take anymore rain!!!

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