Missing The Window

When a child is tired, one has a window of opportunity to get said child to bed before the tides turn and the kiddo finds a whole new burst of energy, a second wind. After that point, the kid is likely bouncing off the walls, convinced he or she will NEVER EVER be tired and refuse to sleep. And when that happens? You have MISSED THE WINDOW.

This afternoon, I missed the window.

I took my daughters to the dentist this morning, dropped off The Princess at school (Spring Break over!), ran some errands with Pumpkin while scheduling an appointment with the doc to get her checked out because she’s been coughing for a long time and now it’s interfering with her nighttime sleep and I needed to be sure that it wasn’t anything I should be worried about. We zipped home to do some work, back to the doctor’s office. Her 11:15 appointment resulted in her being seen thirty plus minutes later (Scheduling FAIL), and after being diagnosed with “reactive airway” (Or a URI. Or asthmatic bronchitis. Pick your name), we ventured to the pharmacy for a lovely bottle of albuterol. And waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally got Pumpkin’s Rx so we could motor on home. In the car, she started to get verrrrrry, verrrrry sleepy. Upon our arrival home, I gently took her car seat straps off and gently eased her out of the car. So far, so good. We got into the house. So far so good. I walked through the living room on my way to put her in her bed. So far, so… “Mom, can I watch ‘Bolt’?”


Since she hadn’t had lunch yet, I made her some soup and let her watch a smidge of ‘Bolt’ before taking her upstairs for her nap.

It’s two hours later and she’s sitting next to me cutting scrapbook paper and making cards “for the Easter bunny”. She’s been sitting here for oh… ninety minutes. Yeah, that nap never happened. Totally missed the window. I can only hope that the lack of nap plus the ease of her cough results in some good sleep tonight.

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    I remember those days…Now I’m upset when I miss my window (meaning when I miss that half hour of time when the meds help me sleep and when they make me agitated.) I really hate that! Hope she feels better!!

  2. I can relate 100%. Oh my.

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