Thursday Ten: Cheesecake, Brownies, and Sugar Cookies

1. Today was my second bake sale to raise money for the breast cancer walk. Amazing that even with the craptastic economy, people were so generous to donate towards an amazing cause. I’m impressed.

2. I spent all day yesterday baking. You know in Forest Gump, when Bubba’s listing the eleventy-billion ways to serve shrimp? That’s how I feel when I list everything I made for the sale – lots of sugar, chocolate, and holy cow, I went through about two dozen eggs yesterday.

3. Peanut butter cheesecake brownie bites? Yum.

4. New music this week – The Matt Nathanson EP on iTunes. He does a version of “All I Have to Do Is Dream” – and I love it. But I loved the original, and I don’t think he really tweaked it too much.

5. Pumpkin got sent to time out at school the other day for refusing to wear her hat outside. Kid is definitely in a stubborn phase right now. I remember this from The Princess, but boy… not fun.

6. Spring Break is coming up at The Princess’s school. All the other families are going on amazing vacations – and I feel badly for not having anything planned, but I just wasn’t planning on it. Will have to come up with some fun things to keep the kiddos occupied so they will be distracted from the fact that we’re not going to Florida like so-and-so’s family.

7. I’m hungry. And if I see another cookie right now, I might be sick. Pass the Cheetos.

8. Are there any good movies coming out? I think there’s one for kids coming out this weekend? I am so behind on that stuff.

9. I am still working on “Wonderwall” in guitar lessons. I learned the rest of the song today. It’s pretty fun to learn a WHOLE song (that isn’t a Christmas carol) and even cooler is that the guys in Oasis aren’t that great of singers, so I could even sing along… and even if it was bad (AND IT WOULD BE), it would still be about right.

10. I just downloaded the Weather Channel application for my phone. This means that at the touch of the screen, I can see what crappy weather we have. Fun times.

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  1. Isaiah and I went to see “Monsters vs Aliens” in 3D. Cute movie, but IMO the whole 3D thing was way over-rated. Not worth the extra bucks, and then they made us give back the glasses. (Not that I wanted them, but Isaiah was gung-ho over them).

  2. The Courteous Chihuahua says

    So, where did you have your stuff set up for the bakesale?

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